InFocus JTouch Turns PC into Giant Touchscreen for Budget-Conscious Schools and Businesses

- Hi-Def 70-inch touch display eases educating; expels the "I can't see the board" defense -

PORTLAND, Ore. - January 30, 2014 - Once again, visual communications technology manufacturer InFocus Corporation ( is making on-site collaboration easier for educators and businesses; this time with JTouch, a cost-effective, large-format, 1080p, LCD touchscreen display that connects directly to a user's PC.

"The full power of a presenter's laptop is at a presenter's fingertips with JTouch. It allows her to simply touch the display rather than move back and forth to her computer and enables her to focus on her topic instead of worrying whether attendees can see," said Dave Duncan, InFocus product manager. "While it isn't an all-in-one giant tablet like Mondopad with its built-in video conferencing, and annotatable collaboration capabilities, the JTouch effectively engages people in the room with its big, bright image and it eliminates the common small-group need to huddle around a small tablet or laptop screen."

The 70-inch or 55-inch JTouch can connect to the PC via USB cable, HDMI, VGA or wirelessly via the InFocus LiteShow adapter. It also allows presenters to forgo a remote or mouse, as the display delivers an accurate and responsive touch mode for all Windows 7 and 8 applications as well as Macs. Its edge-to-edge 1080p-resolution and a built-in stereo speaker system, ensure a bright, clear audio/visual experience for all meeting attendees or students, even those at the back of a large room.

The InFocus JTouch is also upgradeable to include whiteboard and annotation capabilities with InFocus BigNote software on the customer's PC.

"For those schools and small to medium sized businesses where budgets are tight, JTouch is a great lower-cost option to get the enormous touchscreen experience that really draws people in." Duncan continued.

JTouch displays are available directly from or through reseller partners. For more information and detailed technical specifications, please visit To learn about InFocus's other visual collaboration products such as Mondopad or BigTouch, please visit and respectively.

About InFocus Corp.

InFocus leads with creative solutions for successful visual collaboration in large venues, conference rooms, classrooms and workstations throughout the world. The company created the Mondopad, a giant touch PC/tablet hybrid that makes content more immersive, audiences more involved and every interaction more engaging, as it brings together all of the collaboration tools people need to visually present, capture and share ideas. For more information or to purchase, visit the company's website at, or Follow InFocus on Facebook at, LinkedIn at or Twitter at @InFocusCorp and @InFocusEDU.

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