HydraConnect LLC Ships Industry-leading HDMI Matrix Switch that Resolves Problematic CI Audio conflicts

HydraConnect LLC Now Shipping its Revolutionary 16x16 HDMI Matrix Switch With Integrated DSP Audio Down-Mixing

DENVER (1/22/14) -- HydraConnect LLC has announced that it is now shipping their HM-16X16BT matrix switching processor, which uses breakthrough technology to resolve problematic audio mode conflicts inherent to conventional HDMI matrix switching systems, and it provides enhanced distributed video and audio capabilities.

The HydraConnect LLC HM-16x16BT is the first general purpose HDMI matrix switch to use 32 cutting edge Digital Signal Processors (DSP) to decode Dolby Digital 5.1 audio to simultaneously provide both 2-channel stereo and 5.1-channel surround sound to all remote zones from the same HDMI source. Audio data is tapped off of the HDMI inputs so no additional connections other than HDMI are required. Previously, all remote zone TVs and home theaters using the same source were forced to use the same audio mode as the lowest capability zone, even if it was incompatible.

"This represents a revolution in switch technology!" said David Schanin, President, HydraConnect LLC. "Now you can feed Dolby Digital 5.1 into a switch and it will automatically transmit multi-channel 5.1 or stereo output separately to each end point automatically as required by the end point. This means a theater can receive 5.1 multi-channel while the kitchen listens to the same soundtrack in stereo. Additionally, the HM-16X16BT can re-inject stereo into an output HDMI data stream. This means that while the theater watches a movie in Dolby 5.1, the family room can watch the same movie in stereo! Finally, each DSP driven output provides not only tone and balance control, but also individually adjustable Lip-Sync delay to ensure end user experiences are top notch. This is the solution that the integration world has been waiting for."

When this new technology is combined with HydraConnect's automated setup, remote access, automatic cloud based updates, and CEC control (to replace IR controls for TVs), an unbeatable combination of superb features and fast installation save the integrator time and money, and results in happier customers. The annoying device- and mode-conflicts typical to conventional matrix systems are eliminated.

The HM-16X16BT's ability to re-inject stereo into the HDMI data stream to individual TVs now allows CEC control to not only support power on/off and input switching, but also volume control of TV speakers through modulation of the audio data stream delivered to the TV.

The HydraConnect LLC HM-16x16BT has 16 HDMI inputs, 16 full HDBaseT outputs with a 330-foot distribution range, plus 4 optional HDMI local outputs. The 16 analog stereo output channels are available for audio only stereo zones, and 16 SPDIF digital audio outputs provide support for an optional external audio processing system.

HydraConnect LLC leads the HDMI matrix switching marketplace by providing the industry's most advanced system automation, automatic set-up, and interface processing through the use of an onboard LINUX computer. The integrated web-based interface allows installers to use a laptop, tablet or smart phone to automatically setup and test all the connected devices. HydraConnect products that are connected to the internet are part of the company's 'Cloud.' When software updates are available, they occur automatically without user intervention or dealer visits. This remote access capability enables an installer or factory technician to troubleshoot a system from anywhere in the world. HydraConnect's patented CEC Control software functions as a 'universal translator' among the many HDMI hardware control implementations to eliminate IR flashers. HydraConnect's patent-pending Dynamic EDID manages mixed resolution displays as well as mixed 3D and 2D TVs.

Like all of HydraConnect LLC's switching products, the HM-16x16BT is proudly made in Denver, Colorado, USA..

About HydraConnect LLC
HydraConnect LLC manufactures and sells systems that integrate HDMI and audio distribution, and connectivity into the home automation systems of many different manufacturers. The company's signature matrix processors are manufactured in Colorado. HydraConnect LLC was founded in 2010 by David Schanin and Tony Anzelmo, two A/V professionals with over 60 years of combined electronics design, development, and manufacturing experience. For more information, visit www.hydraconnect.com or call 720-583-4364.

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