Pro Audio Technology Introduces Advanced Pro SoundTools Software

Compatible with all of PROs DMA and PMA amplifiers, the new software makes programming and calibration of high-performance audio systems easier and more profitable.

Huntington Beach, CA - January 2, 2014 - Pro Audio Technology (PRO), the leading supplier of loudspeakers and DSP-programmable amplifier systems, announces the release of Pro SoundTools: a newly revamped and expanded software suite designed to simplify the deployment of the company's full range of DSP-optimized amplifiers.

Building on the foundation of Pro Audio Technology's renowned PMA Manager amplifier control and calibration software, the new Pro SoundTools suite adds compatibility for the company's recently released DMA-1508 digital amp, with full support for its advanced bridging capabilities, along with a host of new DSP designed for both PMA and DMA amps alike.

"With the addition of the DMA-1508 to our lineup, we knew that 'PMA Manager' wasn't descriptive of the software's full range of capabilities," said Paul Hales, founder of Pro Audio Technology. "Pro SoundTools represents far more than a mere name change. In addition to intelligently supporting both our PMA and DMA amplifiers, the new software also comes in two forms: a standard version that retains all of the intuitive point-and-click functionality of PMA manager; and a new Premium version that unlocks a number of new tools designed specifically for our more advanced installers who like to dig deeper into the calibration process."

As with PMA Manager, the new Pro SoundTools software makes it easy for integrators to attain optimized audio performance in a matter of minutes. Advanced room correction processing intelligently compensates for the deleterious effects of the room itself on bass performance, and clearly labeled drop-down filters enable installers to correct for other acoustical issues-such as the effect of perforated projection screens on the high-frequency performance of the main left, right, and center speakers.

Whether the installer employs Pro Audio Technology's PMA or DMA digital amps-or a combination of both-with the company's own loudspeakers or those from other manufacturers, Pro SoundTools works in conjunction with the amps to deliver constant onscreen feedback during the deployment process. Thanks to a combination of LED feedback on the amps themselves and onscreen prompts within the Pro SoundTools software, it's nearly impossible to be unaware of both saved and unsaved changes that have been made to the amplifiers' programming.

For the Premium edition of Pro SoundTools, Pro Audio Technology has also included a number of advanced DSP tools, all controlled by the same point-and-click interface, and all enhanced by the same real-time visual feedback. In addition to high- and low-pass shelf filters, as well as variable-Q high- and low-pass filters, the Premium software also removes frequency restrictions on equalization, allowing those installers with more experience in advanced room acoustics to tweak EQ settings up to 20kHz.

"At Pro Audio Technology, we believe that automatic equalization above 200 or 300 Hz often does more harm than good to the performance of a system, so by default Pro SoundTools only applies EQ to low frequencies, to assist in standing wave correction," Hales continued. "But for advanced users, the premium version of the software removes those restrictions, to allow them to compensate for things like cloth coverings over the surround speakers, or other contingencies that our pre-defined filters don't already address."

Pro SoundTools is available now on all of PRO's DMA and PMA amplifiers. For more information, please visit:

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