Eye Control Anywhere Enabled by Technology from EyeTech Digital Systems

Real-world applications powered by sight

2014 International CES

MESA, Ariz.--The next decade will be about the technology we never see but which improves the entire user experience. Natural user interface (NUI) technologies - touch, voice and gesture - have been revolutionizing human-machine interaction. Now imagine an interface so intuitive that you simply look at the objects you want to select or open.

A broad new range of products will now be able to incorporate eye control thanks to the new "AEye" technology from EyeTech.

The AEye technology consists of a compact camera board which contains its own internal processor using the Xilinx Zynq System on Chip (SoC), combined with the world's most robust eye tracking algorithm. The AEye hardware is suitable for computer displays, TVs, laptops, and other devices appropriate for this form factor. For more challenging form factors (e.g., smart phones) the algorithm can be licensed and run on the internal hardware.

Also shown at CES 2014 will be several real-world applications from EyeTech partners which have worked with EyeTech's experienced engineering team to embed eye tracking technology into their products.

Come see how EyeTech is:

*Enabling Gaming - Connect The Dots, new Guinness World Records game controlled by sight

*Enabling Security - lie detector kiosk which reads your eyes

*Enabling Freedom for Disabled - Communicate with family and friends, control TV and much more

*Enabling Ergonomic Computing - Prevent RSI/carpal tunnel syndrome by replacing the mouse

*Enabling Comfort - Award-winning gesture and eye control display for first class in airplanes

*Enabling Information - Optimizing apps for mobile devices, computers and TVs

*Enabling Training & Research - Understand level of engagement, cognitive workload and more

About EyeTech

Eye tracking based on video and infrared technology has been around for several decades, but is currently undergoing a revolution due to the greatly increased capability of low-cost processing hardware and sensors. EyeTech has been on the leading edge of this revolution to bring advanced eye tracking systems to customers since 1996. Our proprietary algorithms take advantage of the latest advances in processing hardware and offer an extremely robust eye tracking experience. Some of our "firsts":

*Dramatically lowering the price of eye tracking systems

*The first "eye mouse" device to run on Windows

*The first compact eye tracking module to be used as an "add-on" to tablets and PCs

*The first compact USB eye tracker

*The first high-accuracy, long-distance eye tracker

*AEye technology - unprecedented power and performance in a compact form factor

*Windows and Android compatibility

Come experience eye tracking at CES 2014 at the LVCC South Hall, Booth 25635. Attend EyeTech's press conference to see the unveiling of the new AEye technology at LVCC S227-B on January 7, 2014, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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