Siretta Launch New Wireless Products Website

Siretta the wireless product specialist based in the UK, have launched a new website designed with ease of use and simplified product selection.

Wireless product specialist Siretta have launched a new website showcasing their range of advanced wireless terminals, antennas and RF cables & connectors. With over twenty years of experience in wireless technology, Siretta offer a broad and market oriented product range, with continuous new product development delivering additional features and functionality. The new website, which was launched in November, has been designed with ease of use and simplified product selection as key priorities. Products are logically grouped into technology sectors, allowing rapid shortlisting to the needs of the application. For a broader appraisal, all products may be viewed simultaneously with powerful filters providing quick selection through a range of parameters.

Wireless technology is one of the fastest growing market developments, although in reality this is actually a comparatively recent trend. To this end, the new Siretta site also contains considerable reference material that is both informative and useful to users at all levels. Examples include an overview of the major wireless technologies within the main product pages, and in the knowledge base, a guide to PCB antennas.

A particular area of focus for Siretta are terminals and modems for machine to machine (M2M) communication. Utilising interface standards such as serial RS232, USB and Ethernet, remote equipment and devices can seamlessly communicate through the GPRS and UMTS networks as if they were physically connected together. This brings wide ranging opportunities for savings in efficiency and smart equipment solutions. Key industry segments now taking advantage of this technology include vending, security, automotive, metering and telemetry.

Within the antenna product range, Siretta offer a broad choice of products in a variety of mounting styles from slim self-adhesive types and miniature embedded ceramics, to large directional Yagi products. Many product families also include combination products with GSM / GPS in a single package. Completing the wireless system are a wide range of RF cables, connectors and adaptors.

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