Pakedge Introduces Award-Winning W7

Wireless-N Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point

Foster City, CA -Pakedge Device & Software has just launched its award-winning W7 Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point. This wireless access point was voted Best Runner-Up Wireless A/V Solution in the 2013 CEPro Best Awards.

The W7 offers simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz operation with more range, speed, reliability, and configuration options than conventional designs.

The W7 utilizes exclusive Pakedge Smartwav™ technology to sense the wireless environment around WAPs and weave a signal around potential sources of interference, such as microwaves or thick walls. Smartwav™ technology gives Pakedge devices a more powerful signal, greater coverage, and a lower operating cost. Four Smartwav antennas broadcast constructive signals by synchronizing waveforms to further increase range, throughput, and quality of service via an extremely stable radio signal, eliminating the peaks and valleys characteristic of traditional wireless devices.

The W7 features band-steering functionality that can automatically switch compatible clients from the 2.4GHz band to the less-congested 5.0GHz for superior performance. Unlike WAPs by competitors, the W7 uses Pakedge TruStream™ technology to provide top-quality streaming media. TruStream helps the W7 recognize and categorize network traffic to ensure that high-priority traffic like streaming video, music, and VoIP is given precedence. TruStream eliminates the interference and high latency that result in buffering, lag, or even complete interruption of streaming playback.

The W7's built-in SectorMaxx™ software optimizes the device's signal-to-noise ratio, yielding up to three times the broadcast range of traditional wireless access points. This optimizes the W7 for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and home control devices.

The W7 can be easily deployed in stand-alone mode with little configuration necessary. Dealers setting up large wireless networks with multiple WAPs can facilitate this process in two ways: one way is to download a free program, Where's My WAP, from the Dealers Only section of the Pakedge website, while the other is to use the Pakedge C36 WAP controller. The C36 hardware WAP controller can automatically detect and connect up to 30 access points.

Dealers can monitor or alter the status of the W7 from anywhere in the world by using an internet browser, tablet, or mobile device. This is because the W7 offers compatibility with cloud integration via BakPak, a free iOS/Android app by Pakedge Device & Software. BakPak was voted Best App in the 2013 CEPro Best Awards.

The W7 supports 18 SSIDs (8 per band + 2 guest networks). When integrated with the C36 wireless network controller, this WAP creates a fully-harmonized network environment. Like all Pakedge products, the W7 is built for custom-installation and high-reliability applications. Its aluminum housing provides maximum protection from interference and efficient cooling in tight spaces.

The W7 is currently available. Please consult a Pakedge dealer for pricing.

Pakedge W7 dual-band concurrent wireless access point


*Three easy deployment options: standalone using built-in Smartwav intelligence, Where's My WAP, and the Pakedge C36 WAP controller

*Optimized for use with smartphones, tablets, laptops and home control devices

*Band-steering automatically switches compatible clients from 2.4GHz band to 5.0GHz

*SectorMaxx, TruStream, and Smartwav technologies optimize signal-to-noise ratios and streaming media performance

*Four external high-dB omnidirectional antennas provide maximum range with minimal interference

*Multiple operating modes (WAP, wireless bridge, repeater)

*18 SSIDs - 16 SSIDs and two guest networks ensure network versatility

*Easy installation and configuration

*BakPak technology allows cloud monitoring

*Works with the Pakedge C36 Wireless Network Controller to create a fully harmonized network environment


Pakedge Device & Software creates innovative networking products for people who demand performance, features, and reliability. Our products use the most advanced wireless and networking technology. They are designed for professionals to install and consumers to enjoy. For more information and system specifications, visit

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