Tannoy VLS Loudspeakers Resolve Intelligibility Issues At Salem Baptist Church

"The new system will allow the church to transition from traditional to contemporary services without any musicality issues"

Ontario, Canada (November 2013) - In 2006, the Salem Baptist Church in Dalton, Georgia, moved into a new church building that could seat 700, more than large enough to handle their growing congregation.

Unfortunately, the sound reinforcement system installed at that time has been consistently plagued with coverage and intelligibility issues. Although relatively new, the church leaders recently decided it was time for an upgrade that would resolve those problems once and for all.

Bradford AV, also located in Dalton, was tapped to design and install a new system for the sanctuary.

"The sanctuary is a large, fan-shaped space with high vaulted ceilings and a lot of hard, reflective surfaces," explains Tom Wiley, partner at Bradford AV. "We had successfully installed the Tannoy VLS column loudspeakers in similar applications and knew they would solve their coverage issues and provide the musicality they desired."

After Wiley along with company principle Mark Jones provided the church decision makers with a demonstration of the VLS loudspeakers the result was unanimous - the sound quality was exceptional, intelligibility was a non-issue and they seating area was blanketed in sound.

The Bradford AV team specified the installation of two VLS 15 loudspeaker mounted above doors located to the left and right of the raised alter area at the front of the sanctuary. Utilizing the included pan and tilt brackets made the installation a breeze.

"The new system will allow the church to transition from traditional to contemporary services without any musicality issues," adds Jones. "In addition the placement of the loudspeakers ensures that there will not be a bad seat in the house."

The VLS 15 is loaded with a complement of seven 3.5-inch (89 mm) LF transducers mounted in vertical array with an assembly of eight densely spaced 1-inch (25 mm) HF transducers mounted co-axially over a section of the LF.

The VLS loudspeakers are the first to incorporate FAST - Focused Asymmetrical Shaping Technology - which produces an asymmetrical vertical dispersion that gently shapes the acoustic coverage toward the lower quadrant of the vertical axis. It is designed for applications that require focused audio placement from a passive system.

Bradford AV also installed a Tannoy VSX 8.2BP subwoofer under the grand piano situated in an alcove area behind the alter. The sanctuary sound reinforcement system is powered by Crown amplifiers.

Not an organization to let anything go to waste, the sound contractors also repurposed the original loudspeakers into a gymnasium system, which was in need of sound reinforcement.

"When folks hear the VLS loudspeakers and then find out the price they're sold," Jones adds. "It is a truly unique speaker - the congregation at Salem Baptist is absolutely delighted with the results."

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