Monitor Audio New CP Trimless Series

The new Controlled Performance Trimless Series offers TEN new architectural speaker models, delivering reliable high performance to every installation!

Complete with integrated fully-sealed back boxes, Monitor Audio's latest 'Controlled Performance' range offers installers the most direct route to discreet high performance audio in almost any acoustic environment. No fewer than ten new models across four performance levels provide a wide choice of in-wall and in-ceiling options for the creative designer. In every case a precision-optimised system of drivers and enclosure perfected by our latest technologies, simplifies the installation of discreet high performance sound.

Unlike open-backed designs whose success is subject to the properties of the wall cavity behind, the new CPs will deliver the full potential of Monitor Audio's award-winning speaker engineering. This means that in typical stud-wall and ceiling structures, installers and their clients are guaranteed excellent audio quality and versatility, as well as a superior level of sound isolation between rooms and floors.

Easy, Discreet, Reliable

Not only can audio be controlled for optimum results, New trimless bezels and super-discreet, paintable magnetic grilles allow the latest CP range to blend almost invisibly with walls and ceilings for a near seamless integration with dcor. Once easily and securely installed via Monitor Audio's patented tri-grip mounting, high reliability is assured by CP's airtight enclosure design, which protects each precision engineered driver system against the damaging ingress of dust and dirt.

The New CP Range

Including Monitor Audio's most recent advances in driver technology, developed from our award winning music and home cinema systems, the new CP range comprises eight two-way models in three performance levels - and two flagship three-way designs. All models from entry to flagship feature our signature 1" Gold C-CAM® dome tweeter.

100 Series 2-Way

Offering high impact audio and discreet trimless design for smaller environments the entry-level CPWT 150 and CPCT 150 in-wall and in-ceiling models feature a 5" MMP®II bass driver, high frequency level adjustment (+3dB / 0dB / -3dB) and a pivoting C-CAM tweeter.

CPCT 150: $265 ea
CPWT 150: $325 ea

200 Series 2-Way

Deploying all C-CAM drivers, the next level CPWT 260 and CPCT 260 provide a wider and more detailed performance for home cinema and music applications. The pivoting C-CAM tweeter is joined by a 6.5" C-CAM bass driver - and high frequency level adjustment by a boundary compensation control for optimum bass tuning when positioned near room corners.

CPCT 260: $375 ea
CPWT 260: $425 ea

In-Wall LCR 2-Way

The new CPWT 140-LCR and CPWT 240-LCR models are designed as multi-purpose LCR speakers. Either is ideal for installation as a dedicated centre-channel home theatre speaker, and in portrait or landscape orientations as a high performance music or theatre satellite. The entry-level 140 utilises twin 4" MMPII drivers astride a C-CAM tweeter, the 240, 4" C-CAM drivers. Working in tandem, the drivers offer greater radiating area than a single 6.5" bass driver, and consequently deliver improved efficiency, power handling and sound pressure levels from a compact design perfect for retro-fit installation. Both models feature high frequency level adjustment; the 240, boundary compensation as well.

CPWT 140-LCR: $425 ea
CPWT 240-LCR: $500 ea

300 Series 2-Way

Alongside a pivoting C-CAM tweeter, CPWT 380 and CPCT 380 models introduce powerful 8" C-CAM bass drivers featuring the Rigid Surface Technology (RST®) cone surfaces employed by our range-topping home audio speaker systems. RST uses a pattern of surface dimples to stiffen the cone for higher output and reduced distortion. A wider overall response and greater power-handling are attenuated according to taste by in-room high frequency and boundary compensation controls.

CPCT 380: $550 ea
CPWT 380: $625 ea

Flagship 3-Way

Incorporating Monitor Audio's innovative, pivoting Inverted Dual Concentric (IDC®) midrange/tweeter module and 8" RST C-CAM bass driver, the three-way CPWT 380-IDC and CPCT 380-IDC represent the highest level of new CP performance. The IDC module houses a 4" C-CAM inverted midrange driver surrounding a 1" C-CAM gold dome tweeter. The entire mid/tweeter unit can be pivoted and directed towards the listening space to provide optimal imaging with excellent midrange and high frequency detail. Improved driver specialisation, higher efficiency and power handling, and greater directivity combine in the three-way models to deliver an enhanced bass foundation for a naturally coherent response up to 30kHz. The in-wall WT380-IDC model includes a die-cast aluminum front baffle for added rigidity, resulting in superior bass definition.

CPCT 380IDC: $850 ea
CPWT 380IDC: $900 ea

Availability: October 2013

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