MultiTouch opens Cornerstone SDK for free usage and third-party hardware

MultiTaction manufacturer upgrades and 'unlocks' its development platform for advanced interactive displays

MultiTouch Ltd, a world leader in interactive display systems has announced that the new Cornerstone 2, the company's own software development kit (SDK), will be available free of charge and supports hardware platforms other than MultiTouch's own MultiTaction Cell product line.

The new version, released today, October 3rd, will be a ground-breaking product in the world of advanced interactive displays, providing for the first time a free set of tools to take full advantage
of MultiTaction Cells' scalability and advanced object and pen tracking features. The support for third-party hardware allows great flexibility for deployment and reuse of Cornerstone-based applications on a wide range of multi-touch displays from other manufacturers.

In addition to making its updated SDK free, MultiTouch has ensured that the new Cornerstone 2 also includes a far greater arsenal of tools to build the next generation of interactive applications. A key new feature is support for development with Javascript, in addition to traditional C++ which grows the pool of potential developers to many millions. Cornerstone 2 scales from single displays to 50 Megapixel walls with up to 50% performance increase compared to previous versions of Cornerstone.

"The Cornerstone development platform, together with MultiTaction displays, have been the engine that have set the standard for advanced interactive applications", says Petri Martikainen, CEO
of MultiTouch. "We feel it is time for the world to know what can actually be achieved with this
state-of-the-art technology at application level, and want to share our innovations with every developer in the field."

As operational requirements for interactive display installations increase, a means of controlling applications remotely becomes ever more necessary. Cornerstone 2 includes built-in support for remote management and control of applications by integrating with MultiTaction Site Manager, a tool which facilitates the control of thousands of globally dispersed displays.

"This update to Cornerstone answers many of the requests made by the developers of interactive display applications", explains Tommi Ilmonen, MultiTouch CTO. "As more people adopt multi-touch technologies, more applications are created and we want to set a high standard in the tools that the developers have at their disposal."

Cornerstone SDK offers developers a flexible toolkit for writing applications for interactive displays. Supporting C++ and JavaScript APIs, it allows styling via CSS and comes bundled with a set of stock applications that can be customised for specific customer needs. The addition of third-party hardware support will enable developers to import touch events to Cornerstone SDK from third-party touch displays which are compatible with Windows Touch or TUIO.

"It will come as no surprise that Cornerstone 2 is optimised for MultiTouch's own MultiTaction platform, since it supports all the advanced interactive features that other displays lack," says Hannu Anttila, VP of Business Development at MultiTouch. "Developers can use other hardware platforms to run their applications, but only MultiTaction will deliver the ultimate experience."

To learn more about the new Cornerstone 2 SDK, please see the White Paper available here:

To download and start using Cornerstone 2 SDK, please register and sign in on MultiTouch Support Center pages here:

For more information on MultiTouch, please visit, as well as the MultiTouch YouTube channel at, and for further MultiTouch updates.

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