WyreStorm Launches Enado Cross-Platform User Interface at CEDIA Expo

WyreStorm Enado is a new control interface combining powerful hardware and advanced, no programming software to deliver a more efficient and integrator friendly solution to control and support HD AV distribution systems and its electronics.

Denver, CO - CEDIA EXPO - Booth 631 - September 25, 2013 - WyreStorm, a global manufacturer that specializes in the design and development of innovative HD and HDBaseT™ distribution products for electronic systems integrators, will launch WyreStorm Enado to residential custom electronic integrators at CEDIA Expo 2013. CEDIA represents the full debut of Enado, WyreStorm's new high-quality user interface that combines robust hardware and intuitive software that will redefine professional integrators' ability to control AV distribution systems.

WyreStorm Enado's browser-based user interface provides integrators with an out of the box solution that can be used with almost any tablet, smart phone or PC. To the end user, Enado will appear and act like a traditional APP designed to enable familiar, easy access via any iOS, Android, or Windows device. Behind the unassuming simplicity of the Enado interface is a software/hardware product that is powerful enough to offer total control and is intuitive enough to be installed without programming experience-all offered at a competitive price point.

"Enado is a significant launch for WyreStorm as it expands our product offering beyond our previous HD AV distribution solutions and now enables us to provide integrators with a more complete, powerful, yet affordable, end-to-end user interface and control option for WyreStorm products and other electronics," states WyreStorm CEO Derek Hulbert. "In the coming months we will be providing our sales and integration partners with the opportunity to touch, feel and understand the innovative features, programming and control benefits that WyreStorm Enado will offer them and their customers in preparation for its full scale deploymentin Q1 2014. We believe that Enado is a perfect addition for existing and new matrix customers, with an innovated pricing structure making it very commercially attractive without compromising the end-user experience."

WyreStorm Enado is a 1U professional 19" rack mounted controller that features 16 assignable IR ports, 8x Integrated IP ports, and an array of contact closures. Enado can equally sit on a traditionally secured LAN and be used to control devices in large buildings or anywhere in the world. Enado I/O configuration is infinitely expandable via Global Cache iTach and iTach Flex products, further enabling expanded integration options at minimal cost.

WyreStorm Enado makes installation and programming simple. Enado's ground-breaking software includes a straight-forward (no-programming), browser-based Configuration Tool, backed by a comprehensive IR database. A built-in device editor and IR learner, which means new devices can easily be created, and Enado includes a series of integrated RS232 and IP control options.

Enado can automatically identify and deliver the correct visual format for any connected device regardless of the operating system, device type or indeed screen orientation. Auto recognition allows even smartphone platforms to be scaled within the compact screen sizes, yet still able to provide full control functionality of AV sources with buttons elegantly overlaying live video generated from a network video encoder.

WyreStorm's market-leading "single, real-time update technology" enables automatic updates across the entire system actioned from a direct or remote connection to the system, removing the need to individually update potentially larger numbers of individual user devices.

The WyreStorm Enado controller will be available in early 2014. WyreStorm Enado integrators will be able to connect countless multi-platform user devices, with no license or additional fees beyond the standalone controller purchase (MSRP of $1999.00).

For more information about WyreStorm, visit www.wyrestorm.com.

About WyreStorm Technologies, LLC

WyreStorm is a worldwide manufacturer of digital high-definition distribution technology. WyreStorm specializes in the design and development of innovative technology solutions for residential and commercial applications, proudly offering customers around the globe the highest quality and reliability in its wide range of products. WyreStorm award-winning products include HDMI & HDBT extenders, the first HDbaseT audio amplifier, configurable matrix switchers, splitters, converters and basic control. WyreStorm products are manufactured to ISO9001 standards.

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