ESP/SurgeX Releases Best Practices for the Integration of Intelligent Energy Management

Integration of smart energy management products with home automation systems

Denver, CO - CEDIA Expo 2013 Booth 608 - September 25-28, 2013 - ESP/SurgeX, the leader in energy intelligence and power protection, will be meeting with dealers at CEDIA EXPO 2013 to discuss best practices for the integration of smart energy management products with home automation systems. With AMX, Control4, Crestron, and Key Digital drivers already developed for its Axess Elite Web Enabled Power Conditioner and Energy Management System, SurgeX is also committed to assisting integrators in deploying, configuring, and selling SurgeX systems to ensure maximum profitability and the best possible system protection.

SurgeX representatives will be on hand to discuss the deeper functionality of its Axess Elite lineup, including:

- Temperature sensing: With the SX-AX15E and SX-AX20E's included temperature sensor, combined with their flexible and advanced trigger programming, Axess Elite systems can easily be configured to activate outlets to which cooling fans are connected at specific temperatures, and sequentially shut down devices in a specific order if the heat reaches more critical levels. Temperature sensing could also be used in conjunction with the systems' two relay outputs to measure the ambient heat of a room and close automated shades if the room gets too warm (or open them if the room is too cool).

- Net testing: Using simple drop-down lists and intuitive menus, Axess Elite systems can be programmed to ping specific internal or external IP addresses, and execute reboots on specific outlets after a determined number of failed pings. This functionality is specifically helpful in reducing service calls for network routers or switches that merely need a quick reboot, or even IP cameras that are prone to occasional lockups.

- Email reporting: There's nothing worse than visiting a client only to be blindsided by ongoing problems of which you weren't aware. Axess allows you to quickly and easily set up email reports to keep you apprised of the health and stability of your installed systems. You may wish to have the system email you if and when temperatures reach a certain threshold. Using Axess Elite's contact closure input, you could also create a global reset button that intelligently and sequentially reboots connected devices in the event of lockups, then emails you so you can keep a log of how often the system is being reset.

In addition to these time-saving (and life-extending) practices, Axess Elite systems can also be employed as IO extenders for automation systems thanks to their two-way Serial or IP capabilities. This allows a larger control system to take advantage of temperature sensing, as well as the contact closure input and relay outputs of the SX-AX15E and SX-AX20E. It also enables the outlets and relays of Axess Elite units to respond to inputs from any automated device in the home.

SurgeX will also be discussing the benefits to consumers and integrators of Axess Elite's unparalleled surge elimination and power conditioning capabilities. Patented technologies found within improve the performance of connected devices, reduce equipment downtime and damage, while offering over/under voltage protection that automatically restores power when line voltage returns to a safe level.

SurgeX products can be found protecting a wide range of nationally recognized venues. Installations include Carnegie Hall, Hubble Telescope Center, Library of Congress, Yankee Stadium, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Staples Center, and The Kimmel Center.

For more information, please visit, or ask to speak with SurgeX representatives at the Control4 booth, #608, at CEDIA EXPO 2013 in Denver, from September 25-28.

About ESP/SurgeX

ESP/SurgeX is the leader in energy intelligence and power protection products. Our comprehensive product portfolio features surge elimination and multi-stage protection, offering a complete line of AC power solutions for surge protection, power conditioning and control of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. Backed with over 27 patents, we specialize in developing premium solutions that never degrade. Superior to conventional single stage MOV circuitry found in traditional power protection products, ESP/SurgeX products are engineered to safeguard against power anomalies that can "confuse" the circuitry in digital equipment and can cause both degradation and equipment downtime. From our multi-stage protection to our surge elimination technology, there is no other company in the market that provides a comparable "best-in-class" portfolio.

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