VidaBox Expands Liiv™ Series Media Products w. LiivNAS Pro, LiivSTOR, & LiivJACK systems

Media Server Manufacturer Debuts Three Systems That Can Be Modularly Combined for Multiroom Audio & Video, Easy Storage Expandability, and Fast Multi-disc Archiving

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY - September 24, 2013 - September 24, 2013 - VidaBox is expanding their Liiv™ series Media Systems today with three (3) new additions - the LiivNAS™ Pro, a high performance Drop-n-Rip™ archiving & storage unit; the LiivSTOR™, a high-capacity storage expansion unit; plus the LiivJACK™, a high speed, multi-disc archiving unit. Starting with a LiivNAS Pro, these units can be combined to create an affordable, yet flexible multiroom audio-video setup for a single or virtually unlimited number of rooms.

"These new Liiv™ Media Systems allow dealers and end-users alike to enjoy the powerful features of our higher-end Media Servers, but at a much lower price point," states Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox, LLC. "Every project can start with the LiivNAS Pro, which includes our convenient Drop-n-Rip™ archiving technology plus 2TB of storage. Users can easily store unencrypted CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and more into a single, centralized system!"

Once content is stored on the LiivNAS Pro, movies and music can be streamed from the unit with networked media players at any time, on demand. For movie playback, VidaBox recommends the Dune HD series of media players, which allows browsing of movies via cover art, genre, and more via a user-friendly, graphics-rich interface. One Dune HD media player can be added per TV, and multiple Dune HD Media Players can be used for multi-zone video distribution.

"For multi-room audio, we can simply add our new OpenSqueeze Solo music players," continues Cheung. "Start with (1) OpenSqueeze Solo and stream music from the LiivNAS Pro, or add up to twenty (20) players to enjoy separate streams of whole house music, or synchronize them all for 'Party Mode.' It's very easy to expand and add multiple audio and video zones with the LiivNAS Pro, Dune HD Media Players, plus our OpenSqueeze Solo units."

"To digitize any media collection quickly, we can use the LiivJACK," explains Cheung. "The LiivJACK is a small, miniature tower that connects to a LiivNAS Pro, and adds (4) more 'Drop-n-rip' optical disc drives to the built-in Blu-ray drive on the LiivNAS Pro. This allows the archival of up to (5) unencrypted CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays at the same time, cutting down archival times by up to 80%. Once all of disc archivals are complete, LiivJACK can be easily disconnected and put away to minimize clutter."

"With the convenience of the LiivJACK, we'll surely run out of space quickly with the 2TB of storage on the LiivNAS Pro," exclaims Cheung. "This is where the new LiivSTOR and its (5) hot-swap, expandable drive bays come in. We can connect a LiivSTOR into the LiivNAS Pro, add up to five (5) 4TB drives into a LiivSTOR, and grow the storage by 20TB at any time! Best of all, we can add up to two (2) LiivSTOR units to each LiivNAS Pro - allowing us to expand to a grand total of 42TB of storage on each LiivNAS Pro setup!"

With all of the storage and playback equipment in place, end users can control each media player via included handheld remotes, or via iOS/Android apps. For integrators, full 2-way drivers are also available for Crestron, RTI, and Control4 for both movies and music playback. Elan, Savant, Bitwise, URC, and AMX also have full 2-way drivers available for music controls on the OpenSqueeze Players. Additional 2-way movie metadata compatibility is on the way for these and other control platforms.

"With the Liiv family of products' design flexibility, anytime expandability, affordable price points, plus full 2-way drivers for the popular control systems - it's easy to see why we believe VidaBox offers the richest and most versatile media storage and playback solution today," Cheung concludes. "I believe one would be hard pressed to find a similar solution with these many features at these price points - all supported and warranted by a single company."

The LiivNAS Pro and LiivJACK are available and shipping now. The LiivSTOR will be shipping at the beginning of October. For more details and specifications on the LiivNAS Pro, LiivJACK, LiivSTOR, and other VidaBox media systems and AV accessories, please visit the company website at, or call +1-516-730-7500.

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VidaBox LLC digital entertainment and control solutions seamlessly combine premium media centers, audio servers, and integrated home control and automation products into complete A/V distribution ecosystems to provide an unparalleled user experience. The company's reliable multiroom Blu-ray™ and DVD media server products support the latest options, including Netflix and streaming video, and enable comprehensive yet intuitive control of any device on any iPad®. As highly scalable systems that integrate smoothly with multizone audio and smart home technologies, VidaBox products can be installed simply and cost-effectively all at once or over time. Competitive pricing of the full VidaBox line offers exceptional value to professional integrators and their customers. More information is available at or by phone at +1 516-730-7500.

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