Crestron has announced the release of its 128X128 DigitalMedia Switcher, the most powerful addition to the family of industry-leading digital AV networking solutions.

The "industrial-strength" switcher manages the high-definition and analogue AV distribution requirements of large commercial facilities, such as stadiums, arenas, university campuses and global enterprises.

Sharing the same innovative architecture and rich feature set as the pioneering 64x64 DigitalMedia Switcher, the 128x128 features a modular blade I/O expansion system, 4K Ultra HD support, a built-in web server and a 15" colour touch screen. It manages up to 128 analogue or digital sources and distributes
them over standard CAT5e or fibre optic cable - all on a single platform.

"The availability of the 128X128 DM Switcher ensures that AV systems will have the flexibility to support the increasingly demanding requirements of the world's top organisations and largest facilities," says Robin Van Meeuwen, VP of Crestron International.

Even faster switching times

Crestron Auto-Locking Technology enables super-fast signal switching by instantaneously configuring every device in the signal path as soon as the signal hits the first device.

Easy configuration and troubleshooting, whether you're local or remote

A PC is no longer needed to perform local switcher configuration and troubleshooting. Using the built-in touch screen, the 128X128 DM Switcher provides a user-friendly, graphical interface to complete setup, operation and diagnostic testing.

Certified DM engineers and technicians will appreciate the many time-saving diagnostic capabilities. They can monitor each I/O blade, fan tray and power supply, troubleshoot every signal path in detail and load custom EDID settings.

With the on-board web server, the same front panel user interface can be extended to any PC web browser. There is no need for custom software.

Easier system updates and modifications in the field

The new hot-swappable modular blade I/O expansion system makes it easier than ever to configure, modify and upgrade a DM system in the field. There will be input and output blades to support HDMI®, HDBaseT®, multimode fibre and single-mode fibre. Each blade provides eight inputs or outputs of any one type, plus copper and fibre I/O can be integrated on the same platform. Additionally, the single-file update function updates all the firmware for every connected device at the touch of a button, saving hours of upload time.

Learn more about how the 128X128 DigitalMedia Switcher can take digital AV network performance to new heights at

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