Terra Expands LuminSound™ Outdoor Lighting and Sound System

The addition of an audio only module means installers now can combine LED lighting/sound units with sound only model

Brunswick, ME, September 10, 2013 - Last year Terra introduced its one-of-a-kind, patent pending LuminSound LS.32 outdoor LED lighting and sound bollard. The response has been excellent and sell through, particularly in light commercial and professional landscaping situations has far exceeded the company's expectations. Now Terra is introducing an audio only unit to the LuminSound series, the LS.10 using a modified version of the LS.32's audio section. This sound-only (no LED lighting) outdoor module matches the look of the upper section of the LS.32 bollard and is ideal for use in both mixed (LS.32 with light/sound ability, plus LS.10 sound only modules) and audio only LS.10 installations.

The LS.10 is a sealed, rotationally molded 10-inch tall cylinder with a tapered profile and a maximum 7-inch diameter. The LS.10 is rated for full outdoor exposure including UV, salt spray and chlorine mist. It houses a Terra-built, weatherproof 5.25"/.75" co-axial loudspeaker driver mounted at a 35-degree up angle to enhance sound coverage. Its sophisticated computer optimized internal crossover network includes a heavy-duty transformer providing 70 volt or 8 Ohm operation with a built-in selector switch (4, 8,16, 32 Watts or 8 Ohms) located behind the aluminum grille. The driver incorporates Terra's ACAD™ ceramic/aluminum alloy cone and MFCS™ fluid cooled spider-free technologies. Tech info on ACAD and MFCS is available at theTerra web site.

The LS.10's compact shape and contemporary styling make it an excellent choice when adding sound to any outdoor area. The LS.10 mounts at ground level, using a heavy-duty, 10-inch PVC pipe that's simply attached to the speaker and then buried in the ground. Like all Terra speakers, the LS.10 may be left exposed to the elements all year long. The audio section is intentionally uni-directional, as a major issue with residential and commercial outdoor speakers concerns keeping the sound from disturbing the neighbors. By using a directional design, random scattering of the sound field is dramatically reduced while maximum output is directed at the listening area.

The LS.10 will be available in green with a green grille as well as black, with available black, copper or natural aluminum color grilles to match the colors the of the LS.32 bollard for mixed lighting/sound systems.

The LS.10 will be sold individually and in packages comprised of six LS.10, one Terra partial burial AC.SUB and a dedicated Crown CDi 1000™ DSP optimized power amplifier. Like all Terra products, the LS.10 is made in America and carries a limited lifetime warranty. Terra speakers do not have any list or MSRP prices and are not sold over the Internet.

Terra manufactures exceptionally high-quality enclosure type, lighting and sound bollards and flush mount weatherproof loudspeakers in Brunswick, ME. Terra has been providing superior all weather products into the residential custom installation and light commercial market since 1999.

For further information see www.terraspeakers.com or call 207-725-1005.

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