StormAudio To Launch at CEDIA Expo With Complete Line of State-of-the-Art Surround Processors and Multichannel Amplifiers

Company founded by high-end AV industry veteran Yves Trlohan and former DTS executive Herv Roux ---Products will be on display at CEDIA Expo in Procella Audio Sound Room SR-12 ---U.S. distribution is through Procella Audio USA ---SSP16.3D surround processor features 16 fully configurable audio channels and is enabled for DTS Neo:X and future 3D Audio formats ---SSP7 processor features 7 standard channels plus 4 dedicated subwoofer channels ---Twelve professional grade amplifier models with one to eight channels and 90 to 1,200 watts per channel provide solutions for any application ---Exclusive StormFocus and StormAdjust technologies optimize amplifier/speaker interface ---StormRemote technology enables remote monitoring and control of all processors and amplifiers with user operation over Wi-Fi

Denver, Colorado and Nantes, France - September 26, 2013 -

StormAudio, manufacturer of "Exclusive Audio Technology for Elite Home Environments," will make its debut at CEDIA Expo, September 26-28 in Denver, Colorado, in Sound Room SR-12. The StormAudio brand is manufactured in France by DMS Residential, which is a newly-formed part of the DMS (Digital Media Solutions) Group of companies, founded by Yves Trlohan and Herv Roux. DMS has been involved in the design and manufacture of professional electronics for cinemas and studios since 2009. Focused on developing advanced technologies in house, the DMS Research & Development team includes more than 20 engineers engaged full time on the development of the very latest technologies. StormAudio was created to address the high-end residential markets that include residences, luxury hotels and yachting, through the design and manufacture of products conceived specifically for the high profile system integrator.

"Our new Master Series line of surround processors and multichannel power amplifiers is targeted to Elite residential environments," stated StormAudio CEO Yves Trelohan. "The StormAudio philosophy is to push the boundaries of performance in audio electronics to new levels of excellence, through innovation and design in analog and digital technologies. Our products incorporate the most advanced features and technology, including 3D Audio processing, full remote monitoring with StormRemote, and the audible improvement of StormFocus and StormAdjust amplification technologies. They are designed for the most demanding customers, and offer best-in-class audio performance, versatility and extreme reliability."

Yves Trlohan is the President and Head of YvesEngineering for StormAudio. A veteran of the high-end CEDIA channel audio and video business, Yves was the founder, President and Head of Engineering for Screen Research, the eminent projection screen manufacturer. Yves previously was VP for Europe, Africa and the Middle East for Unisys and Hitachi Data Systems. He holds an MBA from the ESSEC business school in France, and a degree in Electronic Engineering.

Herv Roux is the Founder and President of Digital Media Solutions Group, a manufacturer of professional audio products for cinema and broadcast that was founded in 2009. Previously, Herv had wide experience with DTS, as Director of Sales and Marketing for the Cinema Group division. He began his audio career as a recording and sound engineer, and has also held management positions with several Pro Audio manufacturers. He holds degrees in software development and Audio Visual design, and has an advanced degree in International Business Management from the HEC Business School.

At CEDIA Expo, StormAudio will debut two advanced surround sound processors, each SSP16.3Ddelivering the most advanced audio and video performance and support for the latest Full HD audio and video formats. The SSP16.3D features 16 fully assignable audio channels and full support for 3D Audio and 3D Video with DTS Neo:X and capability for future 3D Audio formats. The SSP7 features 7 audio channels with an additional 4 channels dedicated for use with up to 4 subwoofers. Both processors offer StormRemote, which enables full monitoring and control over IP or Wi-Fi to facilitate user operation on PCs, smartphones or tablets and allows integrators to remotely maintain system performance.

Advanced system and room tuning capability is also available with both processors, including multiple system configurations, tone controls and parametric filters. Even state-of-the-art headphone performance is available through StormAudio's proprietary Sphere Audio binaural headphone technology.

The amplifier range includes both Class D and Class AB models. The Class D amplifier lineup includes amps with 200 and 350 watts per channel in 7 and 8 channel versions; a four channel 350 watt model; one and two channel amps with 1,200 watts per channel; and an 8 channel 90 watt unit for multi-room systems. The Class AB amplifiers deliver 300 watts per channel in two, three and four channel versions, plus a single channel bridged model at 600 watts.

All amplifiers feature StormAudio's exclusive StormFocus technology, which brings significant and audible improvement to the speaker/amplifier interface by producing an optimum impedance and phase match between the amp and any speaker or length of cable run. The amplifiers also include StormRemote technology for remote monitoring.

In addition to the processors and amplifiers, StormAudio also is introducing audiophile-grade two-channel products. The IA2.125 stereo integrated amplifier delivers 125 watts per channel and includes StormFocus technology, and the CD100 provides reference quality compact disc playback.

All processor and amplifier products are available in four editions - Home/Home-Rack, Rack Pro, Design and Exclusive. The Home Edition is the standard version, with an option that adds rack mount ears. The Rack Pro Edition includes an onboard fan cooling system for 24/7 reliability when components are located in enclosed racks. Design Edition is the luxury version of the Home Edition, adding an elegant and discreet look, and the Exclusive Edition adds Zebra side panel striping and sculptured top panel air vents. Custom colors are available for both the Design and Exclusive Editions. The integrated amp and CD player are not available in rack-mount versions.

U.S. distribution of StormAudio products is through Procella Audio in Los Angeles, California. Initial shipments of these products will take place in November and December 2013.

High-resolution photos of StormAudio products are available at

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