Clare Controls CLIQ Modules Streamline Project Integrations

Sleek modules are "the shape of things to come" from Clare, lending efficiency to integration and installation tasks while bringing flexibility to the end-user experience

SARASOTA, FL - September 5, 2013 - Members of a family of products that are effortlessly combined in personalized configurations, Clare Controls CLIQ modules were designed as a smarter way for integrators and end users to unify audio, video and control experiences.

Each CLIQ module performs a dedicated function. The line debuts at CEDIA Expo 2013 with an integrated controller, the module, which sets a new entry point for complete Clare Controls systems. By collapsing a generous array of common interface elements and radio interfaces into a single unit, the significantly lowers overall system cost, helps "foolproof" project configuration and reduces the field tech's time-to-install. These traits are indispensible in emerging mainstream markets, where opportunity is huge and margins aren't.

In larger projects, the will be deployed with a CLIQ.connect module, which provides an expanded array of I/O interface options for easy, inexpensive upward expansion. CLIQ modules contain auto-discovery technology that works with system software to render the units seamlessly interoperable. There is no prescribed order for stacked modules, and the system architecture supports adding future modules with near-zero configuration.

The modules are interconnected via the ClareBus, a concealed integral connection that is made automatically when units are stacked. A single point of power, data, audio and control interface between stacked CLIQ modules, the ClareBus eliminates the need for external wiring between components. This speeds and optimizes integration, sidestepping common problems caused by missing, improperly placed and/or defective jumper cables.

"We envisioned a modular, seamlessly scalable product family that would concurrently lend efficiency to the dealer's integration and installation tasks while bringing flexibility and usability to the end-user experience," said Clare Controls CEO Brett Price, explaining the system's origin. "The CLIQ line encompasses an evolving family of products capable of unifying powerful audio, video and control technologies," he continued. "Additional modules will be developed on a market-driven basis, with possibilities ranging from an A/V room controller and an HDMI switch to a stereo amplifier, a surround receiver and more."

CLIQ modules' sleek profile was achieved via Clare's partnership with Bill Paul, a product design engineer with more than two decades of experience and a reputation for turning good ideas into extraordinary products.

About Clare Controls
Clare Controls is a provider of intelligent home automation technologies. The current product line includes ClareOS solutions that streamline the integration, maintenance and monitoring of sophisticated home automation systems, as well as several families of specialized point-solution components for forward-thinking integrators, regardless of automation affiliation. ClareOS products are deployed locally in customer sites and administered remotely via cloud-based technologies that maximize dealer efficiency while providing unprecedented customer control. For more information, visit

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