Tannoy Mercury Vi : Injecting More Performance Into A Budget Classic

Offering enhanced performance at the same suggested retail prices as the previous V line up ensures outstanding value for money.

Kitchener, Ontario:2013 -- Introducing a major update to Tannoy's best-selling Mercury V range of affordable loudspeakers; the Mercury Vi.

Building on the success of the fifth generation Mercury V series, the 'i' enhancements sees a raft of component and tuning upgrades to ensure the range continues to deliver class leading performance at a budget price point. Offering enhanced performance at the same suggested retail prices as the previous V line up ensures outstanding value for money.

Key to the Mercury Vi range is an all new magnesium-aluminium alloy tweeter replacing the soft fabric unit in the previous series. This advanced metal alloy raises the torsional modulus of the dome, pushing HF break-up out to extremely high frequencies. This is a true Wideband tweeter that extends to 53kHz and providing all the advantages of very extended HF bandwidth:

• Very detailed but exceptionally smooth HF response.
• Percussive sounds have far more reality and impact.
• The sound stage is more focussed.
• Enhanced and detailed bass detail too as the extended bandwidth helps to better interpret the leading edge frequency of instruments such as an electric bass guitar.

The result is a range of loudspeakers that deliver a natural and spacious sound, articulate vocals and remarkable detail for an entry level series.

For the new Mercury Vi crossover, component tweaks have been instigated across the range including new high purity silver plated wiring and the use of Tannoy's bespoke Differential Material Technology™ (DMT) damping on the HF capacitors. Designed to seamlessly integrate the new tweeter with the stiff but light pulp fibre mid / bass cone, first introduced on Mercury V, the new crossover offers smoother integration and a greater sense of musicality and communication. Bass response is deeper and more accurate, giving Mercury Vi an even cleaner and more vibrant presentation than its award-winning predecessor.

The Vi range also incorporates an upgrade to the speaker terminals across all models. The 'beefed-up' design is gold-plated and the larger style allows improved cable clamping for better signal transfer.

The incorporation of a plinth on the flagship Mercury V4i floorstanding model significantly increases the stability of this model further improving the speaker's bass control and stereo focus. The solidly built cabinet with substantial internal bracing remains as before.

In summary, Mercury Vi offers a more powerful Mercury sound with rich bass and greater resolution of detail throughout the audio band. High power handling ensures Mercury Vi models can be driven hard with movies and music yet remained subtle and refined at everyday listening levels.

The Mercury Vi range launches in a four-model line up comprising the V1i stand mount, the potent V4i floorstander, the dedicated Mercury VCi centre channel speaker and the innovative compact wall mount Mercury VRi rear speaker. Designed to offer the most flexible stereo or multi-channel configuration, smaller Mercury Vi models have built-in wall mounting hardware and the compact VRi has flush fitting key way mounts.

Tonally matched and offering high-power handling across the range, Mercury Vi can deliver the subtle nuances of high-fidelity music and the full scale drama of home cinema. Tannoy's TS2.10 subwoofer (300 watts RMS / twin 10" driver) is the perfect match for those wishing to add sub-bass and Low Frequency Effects to a multi-channel Mercury Vi system.

In response to the demand for products designed to enhance home decor, Mercury Vi retains the subtle and popular aesthetic of the original Mercury V range. Clean lines, brushed aluminium trim, subtle branding and choice of sugar maple or dark walnut finish ensure Mercury Vi speakers look as good as they sound in any home.

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