Piper, All-in-one Home Security and Home Automation, Launches on Indiegogo

Sleek, compact, all in one system lets users monitor and interact with their homes through smartphones and tablets

Blacksumac today announced the launch of Piper, the first home security and automation device that combines HD panoramic video, Z-Wave home automation, and environmental sensors into a single elegant product that works with smartphones and tablets. Piper is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo, starting at $189 for the earliest backers.

According to a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes, there are an average of 250 burglaries every hour in the US, and another study conducted by Temple University states that homes without security systems are 2 to 3 times more likely to be broken into. However, even those with systems regularly deal with false alarms, long expensive contracts, complicated intrusive equipment, and often lack any camera capability. For those who live in apartments and condos there are even fewer options.

"Combining security, high quality video, and home automation just makes sense," said Russell Ure, President of Blacksumac. "You can't get real peace of mind without actually seeing what's happening at home, and the possibilities for making your home more secure and interactive really open up when you add automation into the equation".

At the heart of Piper's security and monitoring system is its panoramic HD video camera. From a mobile device, users can pan and zoom around from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, or switch to quad view to watch four different areas of a room at once. While watching live video, users can interact with family, pets, or even unwanted guests at home with two-way audio.

"I'm bullish on this new category of Internet-connected surveillance cameras with built-in security features," said Julie Jacobson, editor-at-large for CE Pro and a home automation specialist. "Piper is the only product I've seen that goes much further with 180° digital pan-tilt-zoom video and security features and home automation with a rich user interface for remote monitoring and control."

Security rules for Piper are completely customizable on the app, so users can decide how Piper will protect their place while they're at home, away, or on vacation. Piper can send a text message alert and set off an alarm if someone enters the home while the homeowner is away.

Piper works with dozens of home automation accessories to make homes safer, smarter, and more comfortable. For example, lights can be turned on from anywhere, with a schedule or when it gets dark.

"I've been using Piper on a daily basis for weeks now, and I'm so pleased with how it fits into my home and my life," said Caroline Warburton, an early pilot user of Piper. "I check in on my kids when they get home, turn my lights on automatically when it gets dark, and watch my pets while I'm at work."

Piper's Features

Security - High definition panoramic video, motion detector, two-way audio, piercing siren, 3 customizable security modes.

Automation - Z-Wave controller that works with hundreds of home automation accessories. Integrate Z-Wave accessories into Piper's security rules, control them remotely, on a schedule, or using environmental data.

HD Panoramic camera - 180° field of view both vertically and horizontally; HD live and recorded video; electronic pan-tilt-zoom allows panning, zooming around a room; watch video in quad view, full panoramic view, or fisheye view.

Environmental Sensors - Stats on temperature, humidity, ambient light and sound.

Alerting System - Customizable alerts for user and user's trusted circle of contacts. Phone call, text message, email, push notification alerts describing events with recorded video attached.

Elegant Design - Simple, intuitive app. Stunning, compact, two-toned form with brushed aluminum legs.

Smart Hardware - ARM processor running Linux, battery backup, internal memory for video storage, 802.11 Wi-Fi enabled.

Easy setup and use - Plug Piper in at home, connect it to Wi-Fi, set up security and automation rules on the app, and you're done.

Smartphones and tablets - Interact with Piper on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

Pricing and Availability

Piper is available for pre-order starting today on Indiegogo, with early birds getting the first units for $189. The first units of Piper will be shipping to early backers this November.

About Blacksumac

Blacksumac, a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, develops self-contained monitoring and control technologies for consumers and small businesses.

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