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The business of controlling all aspects of work and home have transformed our lives in accessibility and information. Home automation is now a means in which we can remotely control lighting, temperature and climate control, electronics, and any other apparatus that can be electrically wired.

(August 19, 2013) Tampa, FL-Sound and Vision Design specializes in home automation that enables a person or business to operate sound systems, television, shutters and blinds, computers, and kitchen appliances from one gadget. Home automation involves the ability to control home appliances and other features like lighting and windows via a computer. The purpose of using these systems is primarily for security, energy efficiency, and ease of use. These systems can be a simple remote control or highly complex that require a computer micro controller. Depending on the intelligence required for the function, determines the complexity of the automation.

Safety is a big factor for home automation capabilities. There are components that are connected for instance to smoke detectors that might flash the lights in a home or office on and off the second that the smoke detector goes off. There are sensors in home automation systems that are tied into temperature, light, or motion detectors which can activate motorized functions such as light switches, motorized valves, motors, and much more.

Tablet or smart phone interfaces can be used to control these devices from remote locations. The various applications that are seen today are home entertainment systems, watering and irrigation for plants and yards, and even the feeding process for pets. The internet access allows users to control these from anywhere away from the location that is being controlled.

In 1966 at The World's Fair, there were renditions of such capabilities to handle household conveniences that are here and now integrated in our lives. The salient features are clearly convenience but also we can now look after others such as the elderly or infirmed that cannot care for themselves. Remote access and abilities to monitor situations has catapulted the home automation market to a status of necessity and not just convenience.

Cedia is one of the major dealers that offers a comprehensive product that is commonly used. The most obvious items that are available are lighting, heating and air conditioning, audio visual, shading, security, and domestic robotics. Wells and pumps are also items that are used often with a home automaton system.

For additional information regarding home automation systems in Tampa, Florida, contact Sound and Vision Design at 5911 Breckenridge Parkway, Suite K Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 237-5757 http://www.sandvdesign.com

Featured Product

GreenPeak’s GP565 – ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

GreenPeak's GP565 - ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

The GP565 Smart Home RF chip for remote controls supports voice control, motion sensing and the new ZRC 2.0 protocol. The GP565 is optimized for advanced & low cost ZigBee RF4CE remote controls. • 120k or 248k Flash (8k or 16k RAM) memory • 40-pin footprint to support a keyboard scanner interface or other IO interfaces required for remote controls. • Reduced current consumption and improved receiver sensitivity and output power • Patented Antenna Diversity technology enables superior range and WiFi/Bluetooth interference rejection