TSW-730 offers larger, brighter display and gesture navigation to network room scheduling panels.

The new TSW-730 room scheduling touch screen takes back hours of lost time and productivity for any organisation that has conference rooms and meeting spaces. Too often, groups of people meander through the halls looking for places to meet, or have meetings interrupted when another group claims a space that was already reserved. This confusion is frustrating and costly. Mounted on the wall outside any meeting space, anyone can easily see if a room is available or in use, reserve that room (or any other on the network), or swipe through the calendar ribbon to reserve another date/time. Optimised for use with Crestron Fusion RV® software, the TSW-730 eliminates "roaming for rooms" and the "boardroom bump", significantly increasing organisational efficiency and enhancing employee productivity.

Its stylish appearance, vibrant colour screen, intuitive interface and simple installation make it perfect for corporate conference centres, hotels, office buildings and university campuses.

The TSW-730 offers a generous 7-inch, ultra-bright, HD capacitive touch screen that supports Smart

Graphics™, such as gesture navigation, for an exceptional user experience. Essential room and calendar information is neatly displayed on the main screen without pressing buttons to flip through pages. "Schedule View" allows you to swipe across the calendar ribbon to see upcoming meeting times and availability.

"The TSW-730 has a larger screen to display information more prominently than our previous scheduling panels," says Robin van Meeuwen, VP of Crestron International. "It supports Smart Graphics™ so it's also much easier to use and provides a beautiful, clean, modern UI."

The TSW-730 is mounted outside a meeting room. The panels LEDs glow green when the room is "Available" and red when the room is "Reserved," making it easy to find an available meeting space with a glance down a hall. Staff can use the panel to access the organisation's calendars, check the availability and reserve any nearby room on the network.

"Someone can walk up to a panel outside a room and see at-a-glance what meeting is currently going on, what meeting is coming up and how long the room is being used or available for use," Marianko further explains. "It's simple to reserve a room for an ad-hoc meeting, or even another available room if the one you're at is busy at the time. It's the ultimate productivity tool when you're looking for a room or making sure you're in the right place for your meeting."

If a scheduled meeting ends earlier than expected, optimise room usage by simply pressing the "End Meeting Early" button on the touch screen as you leave to make the room available for use by others. If a meeting is running longer than expected, "Extend" the meeting right from the touch screen to reserve the room for more time. As with all Crestron scheduling touch screens, the TSW-730 integrates through Crestron Fusion™ with popular scheduling applications, including Microsoft® Exchange, IBM ® Notes®, R25® and Google Calendar™.

Occupancy sensing

Connect Crestron GLS-series room occupancy sensors directly to the TSW-730 to detect when no one has shown up for a scheduled meeting. Even if the meeting is not cancelled or rescheduled, based on occupancy the calendar will be automatically updated to show the room availability. This integrated solution can greatly improve productivity and save significant facilities costs over time by freeing up unused meeting space on the calendar.

Power over Ethernet

PoE connectivity simplifies installation, transmitting all control, video, intercom and power signals over a single Ethernet wire with one connection. It eliminates the hassles of pulling bundles of wire through walls and floors, and because it obtains operating power through the LAN wiring, eliminates the need for a local power supply or any dedicated power wiring.

Multiple mounting options offer the choice of mounting the TSW-730 to a standard electrical box or to virtually any flat surface - even glass, granite, or marble. A table top enclosure is also available for installation inside a room on a conference table.

The TSW-730 will begin shipping to EMEA beginning of September. Learn more about the new TSW-730 scheduling panel and Crestron Fusion software by visiting

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