Salt Lake City - August 13, 2013 - Mozaex™, the premiere manufacturer of multi-room Blu-ray entertainment servers and peripherals, announced today that its new Apple iOS App for iPads and iPhones is now available for free on the Apple App store.

The company also announced that a new Control4 2-Way App and a Vantage 2-Way App will be released at the 2013 CEDIA Expo, held in Denver from Sept. 26-28 at the Colorado Convention Center, booth 1810.

Mozaex Offers Widest Selection of Control System Apps

"Mozaex continues to lead the industry in providing the most extensive support for control systems," said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm. "Mozaex now offers more control system interface drivers and Apps than any other Media Server vendor, including exclusive support for Vantage."

The company boasts support for Crestron, AMX, Control4, Elan, RTI, Apple, Vantage, Savant, URC, Bitwise, and NetStreams among other OEM custom-designed control systems.

Mozaex is First Media Server to allow Control Systems to Play iTunes Movies and Music

"Ever since Apple blocked IP control of Apple TV, control systems have been unable to access iTunes movies," Kihm continued. "Mozaex uniquely imports iTunes movies and music into its library so all compatible Mozaex control systems are now able to play iTunes movies and music from one common cover art library. You can also purchase iTunes media right from the Mozaex interface."

Mozaex Apple App Runs on All iOS Devices and Plays iTunes Movies and Music

The Mozaex Apple App runs on all iOS devices, including the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iTouch.

The Mozaex Apple App provides a simple way to search and browse stored media collections by cover art and search terms. The Apple App controls the playback of your movies, music, photo slide shows and online media including iTunes movies and music, Pandora radio, and Netflix movies. The Apple is available for free on the Apple App store. Mozaex X704.1 OS or later is required to use the App.

New Control4 Driver Controls Movies, Music, Photos, iTunes and More

The new Control4 driver upgrades the original V1.0 Mozaex Control4 driver with support for 2-Way control of movies and music, including iTunes movies and music.

The Control4 driver provides a simple way to search and browse stored media collections by cover art and search terms. The driver controls the playback of movies, music, photo slide shows and online media including iTunes movies and music, Pandora radio, and Netflix movies.

The Control4 App runs on all current Control4 Touch Panels and Remotes and will be available for free along with the entire Mozaex product line on the Control4 online store.

New Exclusive Vantage App is First Vantage Media Server Control App

The new Vantage driver was co-developed with Vantage®, and was demonstrated at the North X Northwest dealer event that was held at the Stage West in Toronto, Canada May 29, 2013. The Mozaex-Vantage App provides control of movies, music, photos, iTunes, Pandora, and Netflix, and is compatible with both legacy and the newly released Vantage Equinox Touch Panels.

"Mozaex is honored to have been exclusively selected by Vantage to co-develop a Vantage 2-Way Control Interface for our Entertainment Servers," added Kihm. "With this new 2-Way Control App, Vantage dealers can now offer a completely integrated Vantage-Mozaex multi-room entertainment solution."

Mozaex Control System offers complete iTunes Online Store and playback of movies and music

"The Mozaex control system solution is unique in that it is the first Entertainment Server that allows you to purchase, download and play in multiple rooms, iTunes movies and music," said Kihm. "By combining the quality of Blu-ray® with the popularity and ease of iTunes®, the Mozaex control system solution offers custom integrators a unique opportunity to expand sales while dramatically improving their clients' entertainment value and experience".

Kihm continued, "iTunes has revolutionized convenient and affordable online movies and music yet the dealer has not yet been able to fully capitalize on this profitable revolution until now. At a similar price of a music-only server, custom integrators can now offer an iTunes movie and music server plus a full featured Blu-ray movie server with touch panel 2-way control."

When only music playback is required in a zone, Mozaex offers the Sonnet wireless music-only player. Sonnet plays loaded CDs, iTunes, imported music files and Pandora® radio. Sonnet may be controlled by any of the 2-Way Mozaex control systems.

Contact Information:
Mozaex USA: 3785 South 700 East Salt Lake City Utah 84106 -

Sales Department: +01.801.685.9000 -

About Mozaex
Mozaex is a leading manufacturer of Blu-ray 3D Entertainment Servers, BLUWAVS 7.1 HDMI Headphones and operates the largest CD quality BLUWAVS MUSIC Store.

Mozaex is a multi-room media server that loads, stores and instantly delivers, Blu-ray and DVD movies, digital music, photos and online media including iTunes®, Ultraviolet® and Netflix®. BLUWAVS™ Headphones are the world's first 7.1 HDMI HD Audio headphones while the BLUWAVS MUSIC Store offers over 600,000 downloadable and streamable CD quality albums in FLAC, ALAC and WAV formats.

Combining elegant operation with uncompromised reliability, service and quality, Mozaex has become the solution of choice for homes and yachts around the world. Mozaex has shipped more non-jukebox Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D Servers than any other company. Since introducing the world's first multimedia entertainment server in 2004 and the first Blu-ray 3D server in 2010 the company has shipped over 8,500 units worldwide. Mozaex is sold exclusively through a network of over 750 dealers that are supported by 8 US rep firms and 15 international distributors in 27 countries.

All specifications cited are subject to change. While Mozaex is shipped with licensed decryption software that is used to play back optical DVD and Blu-ray discs, it may not be able to load or play some or all DVD and Blu-ray movies. Mozaex does not ship, offer or induce the use of any unlicensed decrypting software on Mozaex products. All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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