VOCO Collaborates with Murfie for Lossless Music Playback

Users Awarded with Unsurpassed Music Access and Quality

August 8th, 2013 - VOCO, innovators in Voice Enabled, home audio and video streaming, and Murfie, the planet's largest online CD marketplace, have formed a strategic partnership focused on providing music lovers the best possible listening experience.

The collaboration marks the launch of Murfie's newest streaming service, Murfie HiFi, specifically for VOCO-the first service ever to provide lossless streaming playback online.

"VOCO's mission has always been to provide a top notch music experience, and a partnership with an industry innovator like Murfie furthers that mission," says CEO and Founder of VOCO Wade Fenn. "Murfie provides an unprecedented service that couples seamlessly with our technology. Streamed music has never sounded better!"

How the Partnership Works and What It Means to VOCO/Murfie Customers

Subscribers to Murfie HiFi streaming service send their CDs to the online marketplace, where each CD is ripped into a Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) format. Those audio files are then added to each subscriber's personal "locker" in the Cloud where they can be accessed via the VOCO Controller App on a smartphone or tablet. Because only VOCO offers wireless streaming devices capable of delivering the HiFi sound of lossless files throughout the home, consumers are awarded with an unsurpassed music quality.

"Murfie now warehouses nearly 500,000 CDs, all belonging to our subscribers. Each of these has been streamable over the Internet, but only now-with VOCO's exceptional hardware-can our members stream their CDs losslessly...in the full fidelity that the artists and engineers intended," said Murfie CEO Matt Younkle. "I'm finally able to stream my entire collection with zero compromises in music quality."

About Murfie: Founded in 2010 and launched to the public in May 2011, Murfie Inc. is the world's largest CD marketplace that provides consumers with unparalleled access to and ownership of their music collection in both physical and digital formats. It is a one-stop, highly addictive shop for storing, streaming, downloading, buying, selling, and trading music online and from a variety of mobile and home audio devices. www.murfie.com

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