Smith Monitoring Sets Themselves Apart from Other Companies That Offer Home Automation

Smith Monitoring, a Dallas-based home security system, sets themselves apart from other companies by successfully integrating home security technologies with home automation technologies.

July 25, 2013

People are constantly developing and exploring new products and devices to take full advantage of the technology we have available. In this day and age, smart homes are no longer limited to science fiction: companies such as ADT, AT&T, and Comcast are beginning to focus their attention on home automation systems. However, as an innovator of the home security industry, Smith Monitoring looks to do more. This Dallas-based home security company proudly announces that they have integrated home security technologies with home automation technologies into one seamless experience and are making their products and services accessible everyone.

Smith security uses the latest technology to stay on the cutting edge of the home security industry. This helps them provide their customers with an easy and convenient way of accessing their home security systems. Utilizing the app from, Smith Monitoring users can access their home security system from anywhere in the world. This amount of control provides residents with a comprehensive defense system and a peace of mind.

To provide users with visual verification of the status of their home, Smith Monitoring offers many products. Residents can utilize wireless surveillance cameras to receive live video footage of their home. As long as a stable internet connection is available, users can visit the site or use the mobile app to view the live feeds from anywhere in the world. Additionally, residents can take advantage of the Image Sensor offered by Smith to receive quick and convenient snapshots of their home. This technology helps users keep a close watch on their home.

With this technology, users can also stay connected to their home with the mobile app. This provides residents with much control over their home, even when they are away. From the mobile app, users can turn their lights and appliances on and off if they are properly connected to the home security system. Users can even control their thermostat remotely. For advanced security, residents can arm and disarm their system from anywhere in the world and control the locks on their door. These are only a few examples of how Smith Monitoring has successfully integrated home security and home automation. They proudly announce that their products and services are available at prices start as low as $17.95 per month. Smith Monitoring looks to set themselves apart from other companies that offer home automation services by integrating their home security technologies and making it accessible to everyone.

Smith Monitoring is a Texas-based home security company with headquarters located in the city of Plano. They offer the latest technology in home alarm systems and home automation for customers throughout the state of Texas, providing Dallas security systems and McKinney home security. Their nationally-recognized success and placement on the INC 5000 Top Companies list make Smith Monitoring the prime choice for home security.

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