Control4 Scores Top Marks from Esteemed A/V Reviewers for Performance and Ease-of-Use.

As homeowners rewrite the rule book of their personalized smart home, industry influencers share their expertise and insight into what makes a high-tech home work.

SALT LAKE CITY--The average US household owns 24 electronic devices according to the Consumer Electronics Association, and as high-tech homeowners continue to increase the technology in their homes, they look to the experts at top audio/video and tech media for advice on how to manage everything without sacrificing sound quality, video performance or convenience. These experts, who grace the print and digital pages of top enthusiast publications such as Sound & Vision, Secrets of Home Theater and Home Tech Tell, all agree that when it comes to managing their media rooms, home theaters, and music collections, Control4, a market leader in home automation systems, is the clear choice.

"After a week or so of living with Control4, it stopped feeling like a 'thing' and became more of an invisible ecosystem. Sort of like the plumbing in the walls," commented Dennis Burger, editor of Home Tech Tell. "Control4 has become a central nervous system for my home and is the only affordable AV control solution that makes my home theater feel less like a collection of boxes and wires, and more like a cohesive, instinctive experience."

"I am always impressed with how well thought out the Control4 options and offerings are and how simple yet powerful their programming logic is," said John Sciacca, long-time industry contributor and AV reviewer for Sound & Vision and Residential Systems. "It makes life simpler and just plain works, right now I believe my Control4 system is replacing around 15 remote controls; and it's still easy enough for my 6 year old daughter to master."

Keeping a close eye on the needs of today's AV enthusiast, Control4 introduced the new Control4® Wireless Music Bridge which makes whole-home music streaming easier than ever. The Control4 Wireless Music Bridge allows homeowners, family and guests to instantly and wirelessly connect smartphones, tablets or computers - and all the music stored on those devices - affording everyone in the home the opportunity to enjoy their personal music collection through the home's high-end sound system.

"I've found the Wireless Music Bridge to be unbelievably easy to use," stated Darryl Wilkinson, editor-at-large in his article in Home Theater. "As far as the Control4 system is concerned, the Bridge simply shows up as another available source of music on my device. With my Apple iPhone and iPad device, as well as my MacBook Air, it's a simple matter of selecting the Bridge as the AirPlay playback device."

For AV reviewers, it's not only about the power and flexibility of integrated audio products. These enthusiasts are just as appreciative of technology that has the ability to serve its purpose while also fading discretely into the background. "It's not really meant to stand out, to be the star," said Grant Clauser, editor-at-large of Electronic House. "Rather it's meant to get out of the way so you can let your music be the center of attention, and it does that really well."

"It makes life simple," said Chris Heinonen, senior editor of Secrets of Home Theater. "One remote or app that provides access to all your media and remains easy enough for your friends and family to use; no more remembering inputs or having to locate the correct remote, it just works and makes AV a part of your life, instead of your life."

As more and more homeowners redraft the rules for personalizing their home, technology becomes a central point to their high-tech lifestyle. And for homeowners who want the flexibility and performance that the top AV reviewers demand, Control4 consistently hits the mark. In the words of Dennis Burger, "Now, granted, I'm not saying the Wireless Music Bridge alone is reason enough to buy a complete Control4 home automation system if you don't already have one, but…Oh, who am I kidding? I'm kind of saying exactly that. Especially when you consider the fact that a Control4 home controller, Wireless Music Bridge, and all of the custom programming required to make your life so much simpler and easier doesn't cost much more than you'd pay for a really good AV receiver."

From synchronizing home theater equipment to lighting, HVAC and security systems, with a Control4 system, users can control any smart system in their home directly from any smart phone or tablet, Control4 touch screen or a remote.

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