Fresh Way to Purchase Home Audio Systems with In-Home Trials and Free Shipping Both Ways from SVS

Worldwide leader in high performance home audio products lets customers audition SVS speakers and subwoofers in-home for 45-days with no risk whatsoever

GIRARD, Ohio, July 10, 2013 - SVS, a worldwide leader in high performance home audio products, announces free shipping both ways for all products, giving customers a new way to shop for and evaluate audio products they are considering, without any real risk. Previously, SVS shook the industry by offering free shipping to all customers, a generous value-add when moving subwoofers and speakers weighing upwards of 90 lbs. The change to SVS' Customer Bill of Rights now grants free return shipping for all customers in the event an SVS product falls short of expectations in some way.

All SVS products come with a 45-day in-home audition period for evaluating performance, set-up and aesthetics. Potential customers can order a 7.2 Ultra Series Surround system, listen to it for 40 days, and then return it if they're not completely satisfied without spending a penny. The policy represents an unprecedented value no other audio brand or electronics retailer offers. When compared to noisy showrooms or third party demos, in-home auditions are ideal because they allow the exact speaker, subwoofer or accessory to be set up with the same room acoustics and connected components they will be paired with is a customer's listening room, so they can make a fully informed critical assessment without any showroom magic.

Because the company sells primarily consumer-direct, an audition period is a natural way for SVS to back up the confidence they have in a growing product line, while giving potential customers every opportunity to validate a product's worth. To make it even easier, as part of SVS' "No Hassle Returns", SVS invests in extra sturdy and secure packaging designed for easy re-boxing should a product need to be returned.

"We cut our teeth selling internet direct, where the customer often sees and hears SVS audio gear for the first time after it arrives in their home, so we know it needs to exceed all expectations if we expect the customer to keep the product," said Gary Yacoubian, SVS president and managing partner. "This was a logical extension of the product performance and price/value proposition that is already in our DNA!"

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About SVS
SVS is a global leader in high performance home audio products; designing, manufacturing and selling subwoofers and speakers through its Internet direct business. Founded in 1998 by a group of audio enthusiasts seeking to develop an alternative to traditional audio manufacturers, SVS was forged out of a passion for the science of sound married to a disruptive, forward-facing go-to-market strategy. Today, SVS takes a radical approach to how audio products are developed. Built on collective decades of experience, SVS is redefining performance and value for people who love music and sound.

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