INSTEON®offers a radical, low cost and reliable home automation solution

If you thought home automation was the preserve of the rich and famous, then think again, as award-winning* INSTEON®control has arrived in Europe.

Cleverly and simple designed so you can install it yourself, without the need for additional wiring, INSTEON®offers a radical, low cost and reliable home automation solution. It can link together and activate light switches, thermostats, motion sensors, home appliances and more which can be operated using a property's existing mains power network combined with wireless radio frequency technology.

An INSTEON®network can be used for a wide variety of automated applications, which can be controlled using discrete hand-held remotes. These include: :

*Lighting - remote control, On/Of, Dim/Bright and Scene lighting

*Appliances - On/Off control helps save energy and money

*HVAC - remote control of Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

*Security - detects when someone is in your home

*Energy - monitor, control and save on your energy usage

By adding the INSTEON®Hub to your system as well, you can access and control your network from anywhere in the world using your PC or Smartphone.

Control signals are simultaneously sent using your home's mains wiring and the Insteon wireless network. At the same time, all INSTEON®devices act as repeaters ensuring the signals get to the furthest reaches of your home - without any dead-spots. All INSTEON®devices are 'peers', meaning that any device can transmit, receive or repeat other messages without requiring a master controller or complex routing software.

With its simple installation and setup process and robust communication, INSTEON®has fast become the industry standard in efficient home and building automation in the USA. Plug-in and in-wall modules make it possible to add wireless control to any appliance in your home without having to hire a specialist electrical contractor.

"INSTEON® uses a unique, dual-band approach to provide unrivalled reliability. Using the existing mains wiring in the home combined with radio-frequency communication, our devices allow you to manage your home the way you want. Easy to install and set up, we can give you more control in your home and make life safer, more energy efficient and much more fun," says Joe Dada, CEO of INSTEON®.

INSTEON® products are available in Europe through retailers including BMB Electronics and Marmitek, with customers able to purchase individual products to create their own bespoke system.

For more information about INSTEON®technology, the new global product line and where to buy the products, please visit

Developed in Irvine, California, the award-winning INSTEON remote control product line has a growing list of devices, from lamp dimmers to thermostats and LED bulbs. INSTEON delivers the fastest, most reliable wireless device communication in the industry with its innovative dual-band and simulcast mesh technology. INSTEON's European products are now available online at and (coming soon to Also available through select distributors including BMB Electronics, Marmitek and Envious Technology. For more information about INSTEON® technology and the new global product line, please visit

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