Monitor Audio Introduces The ON WALL SPEAKER SYSTEM

Shadow Series

A high tech, super slim on-wall speaker system, specifically designed to

complement ultra slim T.V. screens as part of a discreet high performance
home theater system.

Shadow provides a stylish, no-compromise performance solution. Unique
and innovative design features result in a wafer thin total depth of only
40mm (1 ½").

Features & Specifications

• 4" Low profile bass-midrange drivers featuring flat
RDT® sandwich diaphragm constructed from CCAM
® and Rohacell materials

• Special 'concertina' driver suspension arrangement -
Provides high excursion from a low profile assembly

• Unique floating driver mounting - Drivers are bolted to
the rear cabinet and de-couple from the baffle on a
neoprene airtight seal.

• 4" Low profile ABR drivers (S50/S60/Centre) -
Providing punchy bass.

• Specially developed 1" C-CAM® tweeter design
features a unique venting and rear loading chamber.
The low resonance design provides clean, pure
sound at a lower frequency crossover point.

• Aluminium Extruded cabinet construction - One piece
alloy extrusion provides slim profile, maximizes
internal cabinet volume and provides high rigidity to
prevent resonance.

• Ultra slim depth - 40mm (1 ½") to complement the
slimmest T.V screens

• Perfect flat to wall attachment - No additional bracket
depth provides quick and easy installation.

• Invisible cable entry and connection - provides easy
installation and connection

• Designed and tuned to provide optimum sound quality when flush wall mounted

• Removable magnetic grille assembly - designed to provide low sonic intrusion

• Matt black finish - Provides discreet aesthetics
The tiny Shadow 25 has been designed primarily for satellite
or rear channel duties in a compact Home Theater set-up.

The S25 features a single 4" flat RDT bass mid-range driver,
1" C-CAM dome tweeter in a sealed enclosure. It comes
packaged with its own metal desk-top stand.

The Shadow 50 features dual 4" RDT drivers and a 1" CCAM
tweeter. Bass loading is provided by two flat ABR
drivers (auxiliary bass radiator) to provide powerful punchy
bass. The S50 is designed to suit up to 50" video displays.

Shadow 60 uses a similar driver complement to the S50,
but the taller cabinet is intended to suit screen sizes of 50"
plus. Like the S50, the dual D'appolito driver arrangement,
high power handling and high sensitivity produces high
SPL and low distortion. The S60's additional cabinet
volume and differently tuned ABR's provide superior low
frequency performance.

Shadow centre uses the same drive unit complement as
the S50 and S60, optimized for use as a dedicated centre.
It naturally lends itself to both S50 and S60 when used as
part of a high performance home theatre installation.

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