Monitor Audio introduces all new CLIMATE Outdoor all-weather speakers……


The new range comprises three two-way satellites: the CL50, CL60 and CL80, using 5", 6"

and 8" drivers respectively and a 1" CCAM tweeter. The fourth all-weather monitor, the
CL60-T2 is a single stereo 6" driver design, featuring dual 1" CCAM tweeters.

All four CLIMATE models are loaded with driver technology derived from Monitor Audio's
globally respected residential speaker ranges, delivering clear full range sound, even at high

In each CLIMATE model, Monitor Audio's precision-engineered C-CAM bass and 1" C-CAM
high frequency drivers are protected by a robust, sealed, UV rated polypropylene enclosure,
available in a finely-textured white or black finish.
Smart weather-proof aluminum grilles enhance each CLIMATE cabinet, which is mounted to
a rugged bracket, designed for 180º of horizontal or vertical rotation in small non-slip
increments. For added flexibility, a supplied installation wedge advances the angle of
rotation by a further 15º if necessary.

The CLIMATE range may be installed in any combination to provide wide and even
dispersion of full-range sound over large areas. Each cabinet's low frequency response is
augmented by an Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR), which supplies an improved bass punch in
open spaces. With the advent of Monitor Audio's versatile CLIMATE range, no
environment is beyond the reach of great sound, whatever the weather!

Features and Benefits:
• Great full-range sound
• Four models to suit every all-weather area application
• High performance C-CAM driver and tweeter technology from
our hi-fi ranges
• High Frequency Protection Circuit
• ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) for added low-frequency punch
• Full installation flexibility: 180º rotational bracket in vertical and
horizontal planes
• 15º angled wedge supplied to provide additional bracket
• Solid, sealed, weather-proof polypropylene enclosure - UV
• Aluminum grille to prevent rust.
• Textured white and black finish (both paintable to suit your
• Paint mask included.
• Grille removal tool included.
Monitor Audio CLIMATE All-Weather Speakers
Climate 50 $399/pair
Climate 60 $549/pair
Climate 80 $699/pair
Climate 60-T2 $299/each
Availability: Summer 2010
* What is C-CAM? Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium - it's an innovative material originally developed by
the aerospace industry for use as blades in jet engines. It exhibits ideal qualities for use as a driver dome,
avoiding the 'break-up' or bending modes of more conventional materials. The dome remains rigid and works
more like a pure piston comfortably up to 40KHz. Increased efficiency and clarity and reduced distortion result.
Monitor Audio is a wholly British owned and managed loudspeaker designer and manufacturer. Since 1972 it has
been at the leading edge of loudspeaker design and technology, perfecting the implementation of metal based
drivers. It is renowned for exemplary speaker cabinet construction and finish.
For more information on the complete range of Monitor Audio loudspeakers, contact:
Kevro International Inc. 902 McKay Rd. Pickering, ON L1W 3X8
905 428 2800

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