Keep Tabs on Your Home, No Matter How Close or Far Away You Are.

Control4 home automation provides 24x7, two-way communication and control over your home using your smartphone or tablet - a must for families on the go.

SALT LAKE CITY--How often have you found yourself miles from home when that moment of doubt starts to creep in: "Did I lock the door when I left?" Control4, a market leader in home automation systems, today announced that it is now offering secure access, management, and control of your Control4 home automation system with its exclusive Control4® Anywhere Access, making it easy to remotely check that you turned off the lights, armed the security system, or turned down the thermostat. Now, you can just pull out your iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device, and your entire home is no further away than the palm of your hand.

How does it work? Control4® 4Sight with Anywhere Access gives you a completely secure 3G/4G connection to your home's lighting, security, energy, comfort and entertainment systems via your favorite mobile device when you're on the go. Whether on a Wi-Fi connection or mobile cellular service, you can access your Control4 home automation system to control your lights and thermostats, lock and unlock doors, monitor security and surveillance systems and more with the confidence of end-to-end security. All from a single app.

"When we first had our Control4 system installed, it was mostly about the convenience and added security when we were actually at home. It was the usual stuff: turning the home theater system on with the touch of a button on a single remote, using the security cameras to see who's at the front door when the doorbell rings, or automatically shutting off the lights when a room is empty for a while," said Control4 customer Joe Hageman. "But with Anywhere Access, I get that same level of home control no matter where I am. I can pull into work, tap the Control4 app on my iPhone, and see if all the doors are locked. I can be halfway around the world and get an alert when my kids get home from school, or if get an alert if water is detected in the basement."

Unlike some systems that only control lights or provide security, Control4 is uniquely able to integrate control and monitoring of your entire home. So if you have latch-key kids, this means you can remotely shut down the TV and gaming stations until their homework is done - from wherever you are. And if safety is a concern, you can also put sensors on sensitive areas like liquor or medicine cabinets and get alerts if they are opened when you're not home.

"As much as I love the convenience of controlling my whole home when I'm there and monitoring it when I'm not, I think my favorite thing about Anywhere Access is making sure my home is ready for me when I'm on my way there," Hageman added.

Hageman summed it up this way: "Our Control4 thermostat is on a regular schedule, but when it comes to our family schedules, we're not on a regular schedule. I might be the first one home at 5:00 pm; or if all the stars align the kids don't have a game, gymnastics or band practice and they come storming home at 3:00 pm. Regardless of who comes home first, any of us can fire up the Control4 app and adjust the temperature on our way home, so that it doesn't feel like an oven or a freezer when we walk through the door. Or if my wife is coming home from the store with an armful of groceries on one side and a sleepy kid on the other, she doesn't have to worry about juggling and fumbling with her keys. Once she pulls into the driveway, she can unlock the door, disarm the security system, and queue up her favorite playlist all at the touch of a single button on her phone. So simple, yet it puts a smile on her face every time. Now if we can only train the kids to automatically put away those groceries."

Control4 delivers unprecedented simplicity, personalization and value to customers. Whether you're remodeling an existing home or building a new one, Control4 offers modular systems that grow with your family, your budget, your lifestyle. To find out more about how Control4 can give you a little extra peace of mind, whether you're at home, leaving home, or on your way home, contact your local authorized dealer today or learn more at

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