HomeGrid Forum & HomePNA Alliance Merge

New organization will ensure smooth market migration to G.hn for home networks while continuing support for HomePNA

Beaverton, Ore - 28 May 2013


· HomeGrid Forum and the HomePNA Alliance have merged under the HomeGrid Forum name

· Creates a larger, stronger organization well positioned to lead the evolution of all home wireline networks to G.hn

· The merged organization is also committed to support the tens of millions of HomePNA devices already deployed worldwide, with a defined migration path to G.hn

· The merger adds HomePNA's breadth of deployment experience and existing customer base to HomeGrid Forum's G.hn technology expertise and vision

HomeGrid Forum and the HomePNA Alliance today announced that they have merged to create a single organization focused on promoting advanced wired home networking technologies. The combined organization, under the HomeGrid Forum banner, will promote the smooth transition of all current generation wireline home networking technologies to G.hn, the "any wire" technology defined by ITU-T open international standards. Right at the time G.hn-based products are starting to ship, the merger creates an organization that will guide those planning new networks based on G.hn as well as migrating from earlier network technologies to G.hn. However, there will also be continued support for the installed base of over 40 million certified HomePNA devices, thereby protecting the investment of both HomePNA equipment manufacturers and their customers.

"HomePNA is a mature, field proven technology, and continues to be selected by large service providers worldwide for IPTV deployments," said HomePNA president Eran Gureshnik. "Service providers over four continents have achieved great results with HomePNA-based products and we have gained considerable experience in deploying home networks. However, the obvious future direction for all wireline home networking is to migrate to G.hn. Therefore, it made sense for us to merge the HomePNA Alliance with the HomeGrid Forum at this time, providing a clear, strong vision to existing and new customers."

The merged HomeGrid Forum has more than 70 members, including 28 Service providers, and some of the largest OEMs, ODMs and retailers in the world.

Eric Puetz, AT&T Director of Industry Standards said, "As an active member of both the HomePNA Alliance and the HomeGrid Forum, AT&T sees the merger of these two industry organizations as a great step towards advancing and harmonizing these standards-based home networking technologies."

The merger takes two organizations with a common view of the market's direction and the same core values, and creates a single, more focused organization. The expanded HomeGrid Forum is committed to a well-developed support and transition plan for HomePNA users, while providing a long-term vision that leads global markets toward a hybrid wired/wireless home network where G.hn provides the wireline backbone.

"The merger was a natural evolution for the two organizations. There was tremendous synergy between us and what we were both aiming to achieve," said HomeGrid Forum president John Egan. "The core focus of both organizations was to support technologies based on open ITU-T Standards that provide wired home networks for service providers to meet their customers' needs for robust, high-speed networking with the highest Quality of Service. This remains the primary goal of the expanded HomeGrid Forum. The HomePNA Alliance's knowledge of real-world installations will be an invaluable resource as service providers roll out G.hn networks. As service providers consider their next steps beyond HomePNA or any other wireline home network technology, they can be confident in our vision and migration plan that maximizes the value of the installed base while providing a smooth transition plan to G.hn."

For more information please contact Sheila Lashford or Ellis Irwin at +44 (0) 1636 812152 or email pr@homegridforum.org.

About HomeGrid Forum

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) merged with the HomePNA Alliance in May 2013, to form an industry alliance of over 70 members including some of the world's largest Service Providers, system manufacturers, and silicon companies. HGF is the leading organization for promoting advanced wired home networking. While supporting the existing base of HomePNA deployments, the combined organization promotes the smooth transition of all wireline home networking technologies to a single, unified, multi-sourced home networking technology, G.hn, over coax, phone wires, powerline, and plastic optic fiber. HGF provides silicon and system certification through its compliance and interoperability testing programs to ensure that service providers and retail customers can have great confidence in all G.hn and HomePNA products.

For more information on the expanded HomeGrid Forum, please visit www.homegridforum.org or follow us on http://twitter.com/homegrid_forum.

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