New Technology Helps Prevent Missed Cell Phone Calls While At Home

Renny Bluetooth Home Ringer Offers Unprecedented Range, Reaction & Reliability

(Pismo Beach, California) - It's a problem that happens all too often to

cell phone users nationally - an important cell call at home goes unanswered
because a phone ringtone is turned off, the phone is out of reach, or it is
muffled in a pocket, briefcase, drawer or car. Now, a first of its kind
Bluetooth ready "home base ringer" called Renny is ringing out the old and
ringing in the new. Renny is designed with patented technologies never used
before to help make sure cell phone rings get heard -- and calls get

There are other wireless Bluetooth answering speakers on the market, but
while those units are basically voice/sound amplifying speakers, Renny from
Olens Technology is more of an all-inclusive "home base ringer" station --
the first ever to hit the market. Renny combines the best of both worlds by
fixing what is wrong with those similar cell phone answering products and
offering aspects that the others currently don't.

What makes Renny different?

The Renny Home Ringer works anywhere in a home or office by automatically
connecting wirelessly to any mobile phone within a 200 foot line of site
range - the longest in its category. Even if a phone is on silent or
vibrate Renny will pick up the call and even announce who is calling via its
SilentSync technology. The unit allows anyone to answer the call, select
ring tones, and even stream music from a smart phone to its powerful
loudspeaker using 3D Digital Dynamic Bass technology. Renny also comes
equipped with a built-in quality microphone with high-sensitivity and hands
free function for clear voice call answering and communication. Unlike other
systems, Renny offers a DualSync technology that allows up to 2 mobile
phones to be connected at once.

Other products on the market cannot be used as a reliable full-time home
ringer station because they automatically shut off after the phone is out of
range for 10 minutes and they tend to experience multiple interference
issues when the phone is used in certain parts of the house. While other
speaker products must be turned on or off when you want to use them, the
rechargeable Renny is always on and ready and works unnoticeably in the
background until it is needed. Other speaker products serve as the default
audio source for all call functions and steal the signal every time they
connect causing dropped or lost calls to the speaker. Renny connects and
disconnects repeatedly without any interference when
the phone is in use and automatically selects the correct audio source to
use during all calls via its AutoLinx technology.

A Renny demo video can be seen here:

The Renny is also more affordable than most other brands selling for $129.95

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