Walmart to Carry Two TP-LINK Portable Wireless Networking Products in Over 800 Retail Stores

TP-LINK announced a distribution agreement with Walmart to offer two TP-LINK portable wireless products in approx. 800 Walmart stores. The 150Mbps Wireless N Nano Router (TL-WR700N) and Portable Battery Powered 3G/4G Wireless N Router (TL-MR3040)will be the first TP-LINK products available.

CITY of INDUSTRY, CA - TP-LINK, a global provider of networking products, today announced a national distribution agreement with Walmart to offer two TP-LINK portable wireless networking products in approximately 800 Walmart stores nationwide.

Walmart customers will be able to select from a pair of proven TP-LINK wireless solutions for home and business use. The set of products to land on Walmart's store shelves are the 150Mbps Wireless N Nano Router (TL-WR700N) and the TP-LINK Portable Battery Powered 3G/4G Wireless N Router (TL-MR3040). TP-LINK expects both products to attract Walmart shoppers with their specific portable and mobile networking needs.

"Walmart is trying to fill a void for portable and mobile networking products as well as assess the TP-LINK value," said Lewis Wu, Country Manager of TP-LINK USA. "Should these products perform as we expect them to, there will be opportunities to offer more TP-LINK products to Walmart's customers."

The 150Mbps Wireless N Mini Pocket Router (TL-WR700N) connects users in places that offer wired-only Internet. Simply plug it into a power outlet, insert the Ethernet cable into the device and it's ready to share the Internet "wirelessly" with multiple users at 150Mbps speed with superior range if the device is placed nearby. Small to fit inside your pocket, it is ideal for connecting computers, tablets, smart phones, portable gaming consoles, and other Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices while on-the-go. With a very modest price-point the TP-LINK Mini Pocket Router can fit the budget of any Walmart customer, especially for travelers and students.

The Portable Battery Powered 3G/4G Wireless N Router (TL-MR3040) is a mobile networking device that pairs with a 3G/4G USB modem. Insert the USB modem and the device will broadcast a wireless signal creating a mobile office or entertainment network for up to five devices to simultaneously access the 3G/4G mobile network. The device is the ideal travel companion, with pocket-sized design and powered by an internal rechargeable 2000mAh battery. The device is also easy to use, allowing users to rapidly set up a wireless Internet connection in as little time as it takes to plug in their 3G/4G USB router or an Ethernet cable.

Both products are available in stores beginning May 13th, 2013.

TP-LINK is attracting a growing number of retail partners since an industry tracking report by research firm IDC noted the company is pulling away with leadership in global WLAN (wireless local area network) market share. TP-LINK now commands a 36.36% share of the worldwide WLAN market, which is almost 20 percent ahead of its nearest competitor. It is also higher than the next four competitors' market share combined.


TP-LINK is a global provider of SOHO and SMB networking products and the world's No.1 provider of WLAN and broadband CPE devices, with products available in over 120 countries to tens of millions customers. Committed to intensive R&D, efficient production and strict quality management, TP-LINK continues to provide award-winning networking products in Wireless, ADSL, Routers, Switches, IP Cameras, Powerline Adapters, Print Servers, Media Converters and Network Adapters for Global end-users.

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