Innovative Technology's "Digitize Your Memories!" Collection Converts Analog Mementos to Digital

IT's audio and image conversion turntables, music systems, and scanners make it easier than ever before to convert vinyl records, cassettes, negatives, slides, and photos into digital files, perfect for safekeeping.

Port Washington, NY - Innovative Technology™ (IT), a rapidly growing manufacturer of audio and video systems and accessories for home entertainment, mobile lifestyle and gaming, makes the task of converting your old records, tapes, photos, slides, and 35mm photo negatives easier than ever with the "Digitize Your Memories!" collection-a fully featured line of turntables, music systems, cassette players, and scanners designed to preserve your cherished analog media in pristine digital format, forever.

"Your media collections are a part of who you are. But every time you spin your favorite 45rpm single or play your most cherished mix tape, you degrade its sound a little bit more. And every time you pull out the old family photo album, those irreplaceable images lose a little luster due to fingerprints and exposure to sunlight," says IT Founder and CEO Corey Lieblein. "Innovative Technology's 'Digitize Your Memories!' collection allows you to preserve those mementos and protect them from the elements-and natural disasters-in a digital format that will never degrade, can be backed up on more robust media and even saved in the cloud."

Innovative Technology's ITVS-750 5-in-1 Wooden Music Center, aka The Aviator, mixes classic styling and classic music playback capabilities with modern digital convenience, all in a package that allows you to enjoy your old vinyl records and cassette tapes in style while backing them up to Compact Discs. You won't need a computer connection to capture your favorite old tunes on recordable CD-Rs, and The Aviator can play back the music through a pair of integrated stereo speakers. Its turntable boasts three-speed capabilities, so you'll be able to transfer all of your 78s, 33…" LPs, and 45rpm singles to Compact Disc without a hitch. There's even a built in AM/FM radio, Cassette Player, CD Player, as well as an auxiliary input so you can listen to music from an iPhone® or portable media player in old-school style.
Taking a slightly more modern approach to the task of vinyl-to-digital conversion, the ITUT-401 Self-Encoding USB Turntable with Radio makes turning records into MP3 files a snap via a USB connection to the computer and easy-to-use recording software. Or skip the computer altogether and record MP3s straight to an SD card or USB flash drive. All this, in a stylish, updated chassis that also includes an LCD display with AM/FM radio and a discrete integrated stereo speaker system.

For preserving all of your photographic memories for all time, Innovative Technology's ITNS-500-The Ultimate Scanner-has all of your image conversion needs covered. The Ultimate Scanner converts 35mm film negatives, slides, photographs, and even business cards to jpeg files. The convenient front-loading tray, a five-megapixel image sensor, and easy to use included software makes preserving old negatives and photographs quick and easy.

MSRP for the ITVS-750 Wooden Music Center is $199.00; $129.99 for the ITUT-401 Self-Encoding USB Turntable with Radio and $129.99 for the ITNS-500 Ultimate Scanner. All products are available now.

Innovative Technology offers more than 200 products that are available in over 20,000 retail locations including Kohl's, Radio Shack, Shopko, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bonton, Staples U.S. HSN, QVC and other retail locations throughout North America.

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About Innovative Technology
Innovative Technology is a fast growing manufacturer that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of distinctive consumer electronics and mobile technology accessories for home entertainment, mobile lifestyle and gaming enthusiasts. Innovative Technology was founded in 2002 to bring high-quality and stylish consumer electronics to meet the rising demand for the digital lifestyle. Now a multi-national company with offices in New York and Hong Kong, our multilingual, dedicated team supporting over 200 products sold in more than 25,000 retail outlets throughout North America, and customers around the world, Innovative Technology continues to accelerate its design and engineering of distinctive CE devices and expects to launch more than 200 new products by 2014.

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