Involve Audio Releases Dramatic New Technology with Surround Master - the First Major Audio Advance in 40 Years

Surround Master is a quantum leap in true-to-life sound experience that improves the performance of any audio system - home entertainment systems, stereos, or audiophile rigs

BRAESIDE, Australia

Involve Audio Pty Ltd today released the Surround Master™, a plug-and-play audio component that dramatically upgrades the sound of any audio system from home entertainment and TVs, to iPod® powered stereos, to high-end audiophile systems.

Based on patent-pending technology and trade secrets, Surround Master is the first major improvement in audio systems since Dolby® commercialized surround sound more than 40 years ago. The Surround Master uses a totally new approach to audio that avoids the distortion created in current systems, including Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II. With Surround Master, for the first time home theater users hear movies exactly as they were recorded and music listeners hear recordings as though they were on stage or in the sound studio - every sound is played back and every sound is in its proper location.

Although surround sound has been around for many years, nearly all movies and music are still recorded in stereo. When played on a home system, they come out as 2-channel stereo, even on a 4-speaker system. Surround Master takes stereo in and puts 4-channel surround sound out, so you get real surround sound, even from a stereo recording. And it's surround sound that is completely circular with no distortion. No matter how good your current sound system is Surround Master will improve it.

"Using Surround Master is like owning the original recording masters straight from the sound studio," said Dawson Johns, Involve Audio's Managing Director, "It doesn't matter what you are listening to, a blockbuster movie or a downloaded track, or what you are listening on, a home theater system, or a TV or iPod with an amp and two speakers. With Surround Master you get the most life-like experience you've ever had."

How it Works

Surround Master "listens" to a recording as it is being played and re-masters it in real-time through a pair of powerful microprocessors using a set of mathematical algorithms based on audio system dynamics and on hearing research from a European university. The result is the perfect projection of every recorded sound to the exact spatial position where it was recorded, whether you are listening to a 4, 5, or 6-speaker home entertainment system or a 2-speaker stereo or TV. For 2-speaker systems, Surround Master creates a "virtual surround" sound image that differs for each listener. Tests show that 80% of people perceive sound around them.

Surround Master is available worldwide for US$395.00 and can be ordered directly from Involve Audio through its website,

About Involve Audio

The Involve Audio team has been developing advanced audio technology for more than 20 years. Founded by a group of audio engineers who were also audiophiles, they have over 100 years of audio experience among them and have solved the toughest problems in sound reproduction. Their vision is to create not just better audio products, but products so good that if someone were able to build better ones, the human ear would not be able to tell the difference. After licensing their technology to others for many years, they are now bringing their products directly to the market.

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