iRidium mobile announces faster, easier project creation and advanced control of any automation system and AV equipment from any device using any graphical user interface with the release of V2.0.7

Ridium V2.0.7 provides integrators the ability to combine the functionality of a wide variety of electronics systems components into a single project

Nizhny Tagil, Russia - April 01, 2013 - iRidium mobile Ltd., the dynamic and rapidly evolving Russian-based developer of iRidium, an App-based software package that enables the control and automation of AV equipment from a variety of devices, announces today that a new version of its software is now available for download and use. iRidium V2.0.7 is a highly functional, all-in-one solution that enables the simplified control of any Residential or Commercial Automation System or Audio Video equipment from any device operating on the iOS, Mac, Windows XP/7/8, or Android platform via iRidium's i2 Control App.

Delivering unrivaled multiplatformity and elegantly styled customizable graphical user interfaces, iRidium V2.0.7 provides integrators the ability to combine the functionality of a wide variety of electronics systems components into a single project, enabling the entire system to be easily operated by control panels, touch panels, tablets, devices and gadgets. Currently, iRidium V2.0.7 is compatible with Crestron, KNX, AMX, Lutron, My Home, Global Cache', HDL, Clipsal, Modbus, Helvar, Domintell and Weinzierl. Other brands will be added as they are collectively tested and approved.

Incorporated into the iRidium i2 Control App, V2.0.7 delivers expanded features, functionality and capabilities that includes:

Full integration with Global Cache':

Over 100,000 IR commands your convenience are now available with iRidium mobile V2.0.7. Modules containing preconfigured commands for and feedback from Global Cache' sensors are available in the iRidium GUI Editor. Support of iTach Flex and all other Global Cache' devices are included in the iRidium Device Base within the iRidium GUI Editor. Integrators simply need to choose the appropriate device from the Device Base and add it to the project via drag & drop.

Working with sound on iOS:

Now, integrators can listen to music and incorporate sounds in iRidium projects without interrupting the AirPlay flow, as each will utilize independent audio streams.

Support of iOS 6:

iRidium now works on iOS versions iOS 6.0, iOS 6.1, iOS 6.1.2 and 6.1.3. on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

iRidium Scripts:

A powerful tool for creating and editing drivers to control any AV equipment that isn't already supported by iRidium mobile, iRidium Scripts provide greater functionality by enabling integrators to create custom drivers for specific projects.

Enhanced iRidium GUI Editor:

Allowing for the creation of unique, fully customizable custom graphical user interfaces, the
iRidium GUI Editor includes:

Database of pre-configured devices - Integrators simply select the device to be included, then drag & drop the device to the project. All comments and feedback are already established, and hundreds of preconfigured devices already exist within the iRidium Editor.

RGB Control - Enables the control of LED lighting to create modes, scenes, etc.

Integration with GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer - This option enables features and functions to be accessible based on the geographic location of the device or gadget. Gyroscope and Accelerometer features allow the system to be controlled by gesture, motion or movement. Sensor Integration is available on iOS and Android devices only.

GUI auto-switching - Allows the GUI to be utilized in portrait and/or landscape orientation.

GUI Templates- iRidium has a wide range of GUI Templates available for use, in a variety of styles and colors. This provides integrators not only a large selection and endless customization capabilities, but it also saves time and resources.

Inertial lists:

Inertial lists are now more stable, and fast Track searches using a key word or the first letter of a word has been added. As new modules for Media Servers are available, inertial lists will be actively used. Sonos, iTunes, XMBC and Squeezebox modules will be available in the forthcoming months.

Auto updates:

Now, the iRidium GUI Editor automatically updates and provides notification of the new version at the launch of iRidium Editor. Intermediate GUI Editor versions can also be accessed online with the help of the "Check beta build" option.

IP camera gallery:

Over 600 types of IP-cameras can be added to a project to receive a live MJPEG video stream. Support of the H.264 codec will soon be implemented.


A new Screensaver features allows any image or widget to be used as a Screensaver.

This decreases power consumption of connected devices, which is especially important for portable devices or gadgets. When working with wall-mounted touch panels, the Screensaver switches the screen off without losing the connection to the equipment.

TP4 projects have been simplified:

Now, uploading TP4 projects on control devices is even faster because the properties for each associated panel is launched within the iRidium Transfer process and therefore the initial project settings do not change. Improvements in the iRidium GUI Editor allow for added functionality within projects, such as gesture control, inertial lists, auto switching from landscape to portrait orientation of your project, and other valuable features. Integrators can also set up inertial lists in the TPDesign4 Editor that will work with iRidium mobile using special commands. For more information on TPDesign4 Editor functions, click here.

The iRidium i2Control App, which includes all of the new features and functionality of V2.0.7, can be downloaded from the following websites:


Google Play:

iRidium mobile website:

The iRidium software package was designed to be flexible yet functional, and easily operated by users with varying degrees of technical knowledge. Interested parties are encouraged to learn more about iRidium mobile on the web by visiting or by writing to

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