Sequoia Technology's Most Impressive M2M Terminal Goes Bare

Electronics specialists Sequoia Technology announce the launch of the new ZOOM family of wireless M2M terminals, ideally suited for M2M applications.

Sequoia Technology, a leading provider of M2M Devices, wireless modules and M2M Sim services, are pleased to announce the launch of the new ZOOM family of Wireless M2M Terminals. The new terminals are capable of sending and receiving data across standard mobile phone networks thus enabling fast exchange of data and remote monitoring.

Following on from the fantastic success of the ZETA family of Terminals, the new ZOOM series are specifically designed to allow data enabling of non-wireless devices with minimal impact on existing design.

The ZOOM-G-UMTS Socket modem is the flagship family model and has all the functionality you would expect from an M2M Terminal costing much more. It has several important features which allows seamless integration into existing designs including several GPIO's, regulated power supply and a Telit 3G engine.

This latest M2M Device is fully equipped for global use on either 2G or 3G networks and as well as carrying Telit's proven communication technology, it incorporates a multi channel GPS receiver with extremely fast TTFF, a high degree of accuracy and high sensitivity together with reduced power consumption to produce a output in the standard NMEA format.

The ZOOM terminals are designed to be compact and incorporate advanced features making them extremely versatile in a relatively small form factor, ideally suited for M2M applications. All Sequoia terminals are robust and capable of operating in industrial environments where other similar terminals will falter.

The terminal comes complete with a SIM holder, GSM and GPS antenna connectors as well as 2x 20 way IDE headers. This latest terminal comes without the plastic case and is equipped with corner mounting holes in so is perfectly suited for integration into existing industrial and embedded applications.

Chris Oldham, the Wireless Modules and Terminals Product Manager said, "Currently the ZOOM family is available as a 3G compatible Terminal. Future models will be available with or without GPS and we are planning a 2G only version with the option of GPS to give you maximum flexibility with your design."

The ZOOM Range is particularly suitable for automotive applications, industrial telemetry solutions, data logging and location awareness applications to name a few. Further enhancements in the future are to include Ethernet and LTE versions.

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