Considerations in installing ip cameras

Network surveillance cameras are the most popular in the video surveillance system, whether it is from a long-term development of view or from the convenience of the application, network monitoring equipment are already in the user's heart occupies an important position.

Location of surveillance cameras will have a direct bearing on the imaging results of the equipment, so many users will be monitoring the effect as a primary reference to select the location of surveillance cameras installed. But they overlooked a very important point: the surveillance cameras are not omnipotent, it also has its own requirements in the selection of the installation location. The first is in the installed position should be able to make the ip camera to avoid the interference of the surrounding environment to achieve the effect of a better camera and use. The installation of the indoor environment, we want as far as possible to ensure that the equipment is not less than 2.5 meters in height, and in the outdoor environment, we have to monitoring equipment installed at the height of more than three and a half meters from the ground. Otherwise, both to protect themselves from the camera, equipment monitoring point of view, will have a lot of negative effects, only take into account these basic questions, the angle we consider.

For ip camera line erected is clearly better than the traditional analog equipment richer. But no matter which transmission interference are issues we have to consider one. Especially for wired transmission of the video signal, the signal line and the high-power wire of the same to the transmission is undoubtedly taboo frame line process, not to ease of construction and they are placed within the tube of the same transmission line. Subject to environmental constraints, it can not be separated from the two to have to guarantee the separation distance of at least half a meter. Only better planning to avoid magnetic interference for video transmission. For devices using wireless signal transmission, although fewer on the line limits, but the ip camera itself also to avoid the periphery of the magnetic interference source, while ensuring that the camera and the insulation of the ground isolation. In addition, we must pay attention to avoid the line PTZ work and hinder.
Night vision ip cameras usually need lighting equipment in order to avoid reflections and shadows, the user can use infrared lighting to replace ordinary light bulbs. However, the user must use black and white surveillance camera image server and network monitoring with infrared lighting device, because of the black and white surveillance camera is more sensitive to infrared light, color surveillance cameras can not play the infrared. Today, many cameras have wide dynamic upgrade their imaging capability in backlit environments. But this does not mean that the camera can persist in the environment under the glare the job done, because the direct glare in bright light shining likely to cause difficult normal camera positioning accurate image, eventually leading to a color filter on the sensor chip permanent bleaching, dimmer streaks surveillance video. Therefore, we should as much as possible so that the camera is in a "cis light" mode, but in any case, we should avoid bright light for a long time on the camera lens directly stimulate.
All along, the bandwidth limitations is one of the important reasons difficult to extend network monitoring. It is because of this factor caused by network users have long polarization self-built networks: the strength of the user, and the user did not have the strength to endure only slow signal transmission, otherwise it can only choose other programs. However, with compression technology continues to improve, and the optimization of the network environment, the living environment of the network monitoring is also becoming increasingly getting better. However, in order to achieve the general public network users to be able to better complete network monitoring, a state-of-the-art processing terminal performance apparently is also indispensable. We should try linux or win7 current state-of-the-art processing system on system performance, and has advanced CPU and a relatively large capacity memory and graphics card to be able to let the equipment will be imaging effects play a more comprehensive. In addition, the system there are other auxiliary alarm facilities, we need to pay attention to their system compatibility, focusing on the stability of the device itself to work in the current environment, in the erection of the equipment need to focus and debugging.
In addition to the above mentioned aspects, some auxiliary equipment of the ip camera installation specifications of our construction not be ignored. For example, let the ip camera pan, rack equipment installation location meets the design requirements, installation should be smooth and firm, easy operation and maintenance. The back and sides of the rack away from the wall to meet the maintenance requirements. When necessary to the installation of ip cameras to protect the hood or temperature control devices, and so on. Contact link for the owners of the complex line, we should also indicate the usefulness as well as the characteristics of each line, so that maintenance and combing. Mentioned above is the focus required aspects when we set up a simple network monitoring system, compared to large, complex monitoring system is clearly more simple and intuitive. However, from a critical point of view, these can be said to affect the quality of the camera work lifeblood links are absolutely can not be ignored. Only we grasp these important but easily overlooked elements mentioned above, it may enjoy a more efficient and convenient network monitoring.

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