BiTMICRO Introduces PowerGuard® Data Protection Technology for Enterprise-Class maxIO™ SSDs

PowerGuard Feature Prevents Power-Related Data Loss and Corruption in Enterprise Applications

FREMONT, California, USA - March 20, 2013 - BiTMICRO today announced that its patented PowerGuard® technology would be made available for the company's latest maxIO™ product line. While the technology has been available for their military solid state products for many years, rapidly increasing enterprise customer demand for device-level power backup has influenced the decision to provide this technology to maxIO drives as well.

Recent studies point to a growing concern from enterprise SSD users that data may be lost as a result of power loss or fluctuation. SSDs offer ideal performance levels, but power-related data corruption remains a major concern, as it directly impacts profit and productivity.

Each PowerGuard-equipped maxIO SSD maintains its own internal power backup system. In the event that power is lost or dips, backup power is immediately activated. Data is then moved from volatile to non-volatile flash memory, ensuring that all the data, including metadata, is protected.

BiTMICRO's maxIO SSDs offer the level of performance that enterprise users demand, with PowerGuard technology to protect data when power is unstable.

"BiTMICRO's PowerGuard technology was designed with one very important concern in mind: the protection of valuable data in the event of sudden power loss," says Zophar Sante, BiTMICRO's VP of Marketing and Sales. "High performance SSDs use volatile memory as a cache to speed up transactions and reduce write amplification. We know data stored in volatile memory may be lost or corrupted unless the drive is properly equipped and architected to protect data when power is lost."

The technology behind the PowerGuard feature comes from BiTMICRO's years in designing products for rugged environments. Sante explains, "One unique advantage of our BiTMICRO maxIO enterprise-class SSDs is that its design leverages many of the popular features found in our military and industrial product families. These SSDs have been deployed in environments where sudden loss of power is inevitable. We knew power loss was unacceptable for many enterprise users. PowerGuard technology addresses that demand for maxIO SSD users."

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BiTMICRO®, a privately-held California corporation with a multinational presence and over 270 employees worldwide, was founded in 1995 and is a leading developer and manufacturer of flash-based SSD (solid state drive) technology, products and solutions. BiTMICRO uniquely uses its own patented technology and has been shipping SSDs for over 10 years. BiTMICRO products are reliable, durable, low energy and space efficient. BiTMICRO is best known for delivering the extreme performance and data integrity required for all enterprise, industrial and military environments. Today, BiTMICRO products are available as SSD products or as embedded technology. BiTMICRO is headquartered in Fremont, CA, USA and has subsidiaries in the Philippines and India.

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