HD intelligent network video surveillance is the mainstream

Video surveillance technology has gone through the analog, half digital, all-digital network HD several stages in our country since the 1980s, since the rise. Video at the same time intelligent video surveillance (IVS) technology is in out of the lab and into various application stage

With the development of Internet technology, IP-based video surveillance gradually been accepted, multiplexed transmission ip cameras compressed video information through the TCP / IP protocol to achieve video streaming technology online has authorized users can access to the Internet at any time, the command of the entire monitoring system, scheduling, storage, authorization control, and other functions. View of IPv6 in the quality of service, network performance, security improvements to improve the impact of IPv6 on next-generation Internet networks, IP-based video surveillance is mainstream. Network HD equipment occupy a dominant position in the video surveillance industry now, while in theory, any analog cameras, including fixed cameras, dome cameras with PTZ camera and so can be integrated into a network video system via video server equivalent to a combination of analog cameras and video servers, network cameras, there is currently a lot of manufacturers to produce the integration of ip cameras.

Many people interpret it this way, the network is the premise of security high-definition, after all, the 2010 outbreak of HD surveillance HD ip camera lead, despite the 2011 HD-SDI HD solutions provide an alternative to the industry, but still difficult to shake the dominance of network HD. China's security industry have ushered in one of its high-speed development with the promotion of the "Green City", this is an opportunity and a challenge, under the premise of ensuring healthy competition, increase the enterprise's core technology to master monitoring competition break through the road. Unlike in the past, is known for HD ip camera to be clearly seen in the high-definition performance is no longer the embellishment of the security market, after three years of development, tasted HD monitor advantage Contractors project The introduction of high-definition monitor, especially government construction projects. Obviously in the actual application in high-definition monitor benefits, first, high-definition provides clearer images and more details of the best analog cameras on the market now are more than 600 lines of products. The performance of the 650 line and 600 line wide dynamic function should be good, but it exists is not clear enough details. In the application of the effect of HD ip camera can cover a wide range, for example, people can see clearly inside the banking hall, which is already more than a standard-definition camera monitoring distance. Four lanes, each lane on the license plate can be clearly seen in the transport sector, by using a 720P HD ip camera monitoring. The same traffic monitoring, from SD to HD main change has two aspects: First, the original details see now see rightly; second is that each lane need to install a camera, now as long as the four-lane, one Taiwan , reduce overall costs. HD decisive advantage is the ability to help users solve practical problems, so the user will be recognized, and are willing to pay. Secondly, from the point of view of the whole industry to see the development of high-definition monitor, but also to promote the development of other related technologies: The first is the development of CMOS technology, the CMOS small size, fast product development, low cost, low power consumption, this IP camera the product of very favorable, more comprehensive, more systematic product can be introduced by using CMOS; followed H.264, high-definition, the amount of information will become large, which requires that the system is efficient, H.264 efficient coding able to produce a large amount of information to some extent balance HD; then is intelligent, it is very difficult in SD time, if the do face analysis in the case of only tens of pixels, wanted face very clearly manifested but under HD conditions, there are hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of pixels, there are better and more accurate information, which is very conducive to the implementation of the intelligent analysis techniques. HD products have a better platform and processing capacity, the system itself has sufficient resources to support the intelligent video analysis.

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