Problems and breakthrough of HD surveillance camera night vision

After more than two years of market cultivation, the HD ip camera is from the "trend" becomes "reality". Many HD camera manufacturers have sprung up out of traditional analog surveillance camera manufacturers have gradually transition to the HD field. In the market, more and more agents

Despite still being loosely called "Million HD", but has greatly improved clarity of high-definition camera, pixel increments from 600,000, 1.3 million, from 200 million to 500 million, and some manufacturers even claim that has pixels level increased to 20 million. In the transmission mode, IP and HD-SDI has been rapid development, and each occupies a small market share. In addition, color reproduction and intelligent analysis, HD ip camera has also been greatly improved. Factors, but because the technology is not mature enough, the higher cost HD camera mainstream applications focused on the government, banks and other high-end market, other areas still analog products. Which HD cameras widespread use of CMOS chips, lower color saturation, texture and sharpness performance slightly inferior shooting in low light at night, often less than ideal. Some manufacturers has launched a 960HCCD network HD products, Sony Effio-EN700 line program, low-light, pure digital interface, image pixels of about 600,000, not only during the day to achieve a high-definition shooting night clear color imaging and effective solution a HD ip camera night vision problems.

CMOS is a complementary metal oxide semiconductor, and is mainly made of semiconductor silicon and germanium, through the CMOS transistors is negatively charged, and the positively charged to achieve its basic functions. CCD (charge coupled device, is an electronic organizer out from the image semiconductor up method), they are used are "image semiconductor sensor, it is a PN semiconductor, can convert light photons combination Be into a proportional number of the electron. To two distinguished habitually called the CMOS sensor or CCD sensor, but it does not mean that the image-processing methods. Compared with the CCD sensor, CMOS sensor does not require complex signal processing process images directly into the semiconductor electronic transition into a voltage signal, can handle large amounts of data in a short time, the output high definition video, therefore adapt to the HD ip camera requires . Based on the advantages of the high level of integration, it's automatic gain control, automatic exposure control, gamma correction, backlight compensation and automatic shading correction function is far stronger than the CCD sensor. Meanwhile, in order to make the image easier for network transmission, the camera manufacturers are constantly improving image coding efficiency of the compression process. Today, more than 1.3 million (720P) pixel HD ip camera chip technology, CMOS has absolute dominance. But in terms of sensitivity, the human eye can see the goal following 1Lux illumination (equivalent to the full moon night of sunny environment); CCD sensor is only slightly better than the human eye, in the between 0.1 ~ 3Lux; sensitivity of the CMOS sensor is generally in the 6 ~ 15Lux between equivalent to the CCD sensor 1/10 ~ 1/3, the noise is higher than the CCD sensor nearly 10 times. Therefore, CMOS camera shooting at night under low-light environments, far less than the CCD sensor. Although CMOS sensor after doing a very large, its sensitivity CCD sensor equivalent DSP processing speed is very high, virtually pulled up the price of a CMOS camera, short term large-scale applications. Future, with gradually solve the problem of network bandwidth, greater range of applications both large construction costs and upgrade and maintenance convenience and other advantages of the HD surveillance cameras, and even become mainstream. But for now, not yet mature technologies such as night vision, coupled with higher costs, which greatly restricted the popularity of HD cameras. For the vast majority of users, the night is a period of high incidence of crimes of all sorts of events, but also the critical period of the security video surveillance. Select an ineffective night vision ip camera, video surveillance will appear an enormous blind spot in time, unable to meet the 24x7 security requirements. But on the other hand, users see more clearly "as well as remote monitoring, intelligent analysis and other equally pressing demand. This requires the camera to find a balance, and not simply returned to the old analog cameras day and night shooting. Thus, 960H network HD technology into the field of view of the camera manufacturers.

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