AMX Launches Website Designed to Guide Technology Decision Makers Through the Purchasing Process for Automating 'The Perfect Meeting' Experience

New resource addresses the top priorities facing IT professionals like enhancing productivity when searching for, exploring the possibilities

Richardson, TX March 04, 2013

Today, AMX® is announcing the creation and launch of a new Website, designed from the ground up as a resource to assist end users in discovering the possibilities that technology automation offers them and their companies with to be more productive, more efficient and helps them focus on doing what they do best.

"The number one answer that IT Managers returned when AMX surveyed them on the process of researching technology automation was 'I want to be able to easily understand what's possible'" said Rashid Skaf, AMX President and CEO. "IT Managers know their core business inside and out but figuring out a simple way for every company employee to be able to comfortably and confidently conduct 'the perfect meeting' that might include video conference equipment is like learning a foreign language. We want to ensure they know they can automate, connect, control and manage all of their meeting room technology."

The new Website is defined from the IT Managers perspective and graphically illustrates the top technology priorities that AMX research suggests are most important to IT Managers in selecting the right solution. These include: enhancing productivity, return on investment, centralized management, ease of use, reliability, network centric, standards based, security, scalable, standardization and sustainable. At the top of nearly everyone's list of priorities is enhancing productivity. Integrating automation technology helps IT Managers and the people in their companies to be more productive and more efficient. Additionally, generating a healthy return on investment is also important. Cost savings can come from considerations like increasing workplace productivity, decreasing travel expenses and energy management savings. Centralized Management rounds out the top three considerations. Maximizing IT Manager's extremely valuable resources by delivering a single, centralized, network solution is incredibly important.

"We designed the new to offer this key group of end users a simpler way to learn, plan, and eventually buy automation technology by giving them the information they are looking for, said Jeff Kindig, AMX Vice President, Strategy. "We aim to cut through the confusion and take visitors on a visually inviting, non-technical and self-paced exploration of what's truly and easily obtainable with technology automation."

Starting today, anyone visiting will discover a completely unique and different way of exploring the possibilities of technology automation. In addition to addressing IT Manager's top priorities, visitors will have access to explore an extensive resource library of white papers, videos, solution guides, diagrams, blogs and more that are expressly written to assist them in finding out what's possible and what solutions are available to address their specific needs and requirements. The Website is also designed to be completely friendly and accessible to any visitor, regardless of technical knowledge or background.

While the End User Website focuses on educating commercial end users today, the AMX marketing team will be adding education, government and residential focused sections in the coming months. AMX looks forward to the additional support that the new Website brings its integrators and as always, welcomes all feedback. The AMX marketing team is anxious to get your continuous feedback and encourages you to submit your suggestions and comments by clicking on the 'Submit Your Web Comments/Feedback Here' button located on the bottom/left hand side of the website.

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About AMX AMX hardware and software solutions simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at work and home, AMX solves the complexity of managing this technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems. Our award-winning products span control and automation, system-wide switching and audio/video signal distribution, digital signage and technology management. They are implemented worldwide in conference rooms, homes, classrooms, network operation / command centers, hotels, entertainment venues, broadcast facilities, among others.

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