KVMSwitchTech Announces Launch of 4x4 Cat5 HDMI Matrix Switch with HDBaseT Support

KVMSwitchTech feels delighted to to announce the addition of 4x4 Cat5 HDMI Matrix Switch with HDBaseT Support to its existing line of HDMI Matrix Switchers.

KVMSwitchTech, Ohio- We are an IT integrator and do systems design and installations for our customers on a regular basis. As HDMI has quickly become one of the most commonly used interfaces we were faced with a unique challenge for our customers. They had a specific application where four HDMI sources (Apple TV, Blue Ray DVD player and dish boxes) needed to be displayed on a combination of four HDMI LED TVs. The challenge was these LED TV's were anywhere from 175 ft to 300ft away from four sources.

We came across this unique product referred to as 4x4 Cat5e/6/7 HDMI Matrix Switch with HDBaseT support. This unit supported RS232, IR bi-directional, and Ethernet all over a single Cat5e/6/7 cable up to 330ft. In addition this unit also had four HDMI outputs so four sources could be displayed on eight outputs simultaneously. It comes with four independent remote controls to provide easy channel selection based on independent remotes. It also includes one master remote that operates all sources and displays. We bought one unit for testing and it worked like a charm. We have done several installations since then and our customers are extremely pleased with the performance and functionality.
Find out more about HDMI Matrix Switchers: http://www.kvmswitchtech.com/hdmi-matrix-switch-c11612.htm

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