Wireless Metering Just Got a Boost According to Sequoia Technology

Sequoia Technology has announced a new simpler solution to wireless metering with new modules from Telit. These modules are optimised for one or two way data exchange, ideal for wireless metering.

Sequoia Technology Group the electronics specialists, prides them selves on being a leading provider of 'real-life' electronic solutions. Today Sequoia Technology Group who are based in Reading UK, have announced that wireless metering just got a boost with new wireless M-Bus modules making smart metering, easier.

The Telit ME50-169 Modules and the Telit ME70-169 Wireless M-Bus RF Modules are the latest Wireless M-Bus products to hit the market. Both of these modules are optimised for one or two way data exchange with gas, water, heat and electricity meters.

Operating in the 169MHz band these modules have ultra-low power consumption for maximum battery life with an impressive link budget making them suitable for long range applications.

Available in LGA format they are equipped with a TTL RS232 interface, integrated digital and analogue I/O's and are easily integrated thus reducing development time and cost.

The ME50 and ME70 are pin for pin compatible with the ME50-868, the ZE, NE and LE family of modules thus offering an easier development solution.

If you want to find out more information about Telit ME50-169ME50-169 Module or for more information on the Telit ME70-169 Wireless M-Bus RF Module please visit the Sequoia Website http://www.sequoia.co.uk/wireless/product.php?id=1732

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