Award-Winning Studio Designer Selects Bryston 4BSST² Amplifier to Drive Control Room Monitors

The world standard for pro studio amplification

Peterborough, Ontario February 4th, 2013 - Bryston, LTD ( has announced that award-winning studio designer Carl Tatz has selected the Bryston 4BSST² stereo amplifier to power the control room monitors in a studio designed for multi-Grammy®-winning engineer Bob Bullock. "I brought the first Bryston 4B to the Nashville studio scene in the '80s. It has since become the world standard for pro studio amplification. When budget permits, I always spec Bryston for its effortless performance, high resolution sweet top and unmatched low-end muscle," reported Carl Tatz. The 4B is the most popular of the Squared Series amplifier and delivers 300 watts into 8 Ohms or 500 watts into 4 Ohms (900W into 8 Ohms (Bridged Mono). The 4BSST² features balanced and unbalanced inputs, selectable gain (23 or 29dB) all in a convection-cooled fully aluminum chassis requiring no noisy cooling fans. All Squared Series amplifiers from Bryston are available with silver or black faceplate (3U + .55") and in 17-inch width (without handles) or 19-inch (with handles). A rack-mountable Pro Edition is available in black. "Bryston first unveiled the 4B amplifier back in 1976. The 4B, (and all its successors up to the 4BSST²), have been adopted as the among the most popular studio reference amplifiers of all time. We are excited that both a respected designer and an esteemed engineer chose Bryston for this pioneering project." Chris Russell, CEO of Bryston, LTD

Bullock's control room is the first to employ the Carl Tatz MixRoom™ concept, which was designed to emulate the look and performance of the Tatz's award-winning custom control room designs at a fraction of the cost. It leverages the Carl Tatz Signature Series™ family of control room acoustic modules and Tatz's PhantomFocus™ System monitor tuning protocol, which is a multi-step process for monitoring optimization that includes system damping, speaker decoupling and isolation mounting, laser-calibrated speaker distancing and angle alignments, proprietary high resolution digital processing for crossover points and slopes for pass filtering, EQ and much more. "I am blown away with the evolution of Carl's work in this second room he has designed for me," quotes multi-Grammy®-winning engineer Bob Bullock.

About Bryston: Bryston ( first opened for business in 1962 as a manufacturer of medical equipment. The company was purchased in 1968 by John W. Russell, an ex-NASA engineer. Together with sons Chris, Brian and John D., they first started exploring the field of accurate, reliable audio amplification in the early 1970s. Since that time Bryston has become legendary for their hand-built quality, superb performance and dependability under load in the home, professional and commercial markets. Bryston amplifiers are used in some of the world's most renowned recording studios and owned by many discerning music professionals. Bryston applies precision manufacturing techniques and materials in the assembly of their electronic equipment that are more typically utilized by the military and aerospace industries. Bryston is based in Peterborough, Ontario Canada, northeast of Toronto, and is sold through over 150 dealers in North America and 60 countries worldwide.

About Carl Tatz Design: ( is an award winning studio design firm offering design and consulting services to homeowners and entertainment industry professionals in areas of: Recording Studios, Monitor Systems, Home Screening Rooms, Dedicated Listening Rooms, Acoustic Analysis, Tuning, and Sound Isolation. Carl Tatz is also the inventor of the industry acclaimed proprietary PhantomFocus™ System (PFS) monitor tuning protocol. CTD's many resources combine knowledge, experience and expertise in sound, picture and design to serve its clients worldwide. For more information, visit

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