When Eight Is Enough, the New AMX Enova DGX 8 Is Ideal for Smaller Digital Media Switching Applications

Packs All the Functionality and Capabilities of the Legendary Enova DGX Family in a Cost Effective 8x8

Amsterdam, Netherlands January 31, 2013

AMX kicked off Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2013 with cigars and handshakes, proudly announcing the arrival of the newest addition to the award-winning Enova® DGX family - a healthy, bouncing baby 8 - the new Enova DGX 8 Digital Media Switcher Enclosure (AVS-ENOVADGX8-ENC).

Once again, the company that responded to the needs of the marketplace and made hassle-free HDMI and perfectly scaled video standard equipment in every one of its media switchers has done it again. They went to their customers and asked how they could improve on a product that has become synonymous with beautifully distributed AV and rock solid reliability. The market requested a DGX designed for smaller installations when support for eight local and remote AV sources and destinations would be a better fit for a wider range of applications.

Just like its older Enova siblings, the DGX 16 and DGX 32, the DGX 8 includes all of the features and capabilities that made "DGX" a household name in digital media switching. This includes an integrated NetLinx® Controller, redundant power supplies and the ability to be populated with Enova DGX video input and output boards and optional audio insert/extract boards for a maximum matrix of 8x8. And because the same input and output boards are compatible with all three Enova DGX models (8, 16 and 32), designing, ordering and using all three models is easy, efficient and simple.

In addition to the debut of the Enova DGX 8, AMX also announced during ISE 2013 that the Enova DGX 16 and 32 Enclosures have just been upgraded with enhanced 850 watt (DGX 16) and 1,200 watt (DGX 32) redundant power supplies. The additional on demand power will allow these enclosures to power even more DXLink™ devices remotely using AMX Power over DXLink - all without additional power supplies, power connections or installation time. The new Enova DGX 8 also includes the new 850 watt power supply as standard equipment.

The simplicity and ease of use that has driven the popularity of the Enova DGX Series and was a must-have requirement for the new Enova DGX 8 was put to the test during the AMX Enova DGX Challenge: Unpowered to Perfectly Scaled HDMI/HDCP Video in Under 60 Seconds. The challenge was captured on video and the technician that completed the task was so impressed with how amazingly easy it was to power up and distribute video having never seen or touched the product before, summed his experience up in just a two words: "Very simple." See the results for yourself, watch the Enova DGX Challenge.

Availability and Additional Details

AMX is also excited to share that the new DGX 8 Enclosure (AVS-ENOVADGX8-ENC8) and new DGX 32 Enclosure (with upgraded power supply) (AVS-ENOVADGX32-ENC-A) are expected to begin shipping later this February, approximately two months ahead of schedule. The Enova DGX 16 Enclosure (AVS-ENOVADGX16-ENC) with upgraded power supply is immediately available for order.

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*2013 AMX Spring Pocket Guide featuring the Enova DGX 8 (pages 18 - 19): http://bit.ly/XPHyWG

*View this Press Release Online: http://bit.ly/XQ28WS

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