The new BOOK monitors have been designed to be used in already existing meeting, conference and board tables, auditorium and public information counters.

Barcelona's based ARTHUR HOLM company will be presenting unique and outstanding new products at the 2013 Integrated Systems Europe's edition continuing with its strategy of continuous investment in research and development.

The new BOOK monitors have been designed to be used in already existing meeting, conference and board tables, auditorium and public information counters.

They have been designed in solid aluminum with a front black edged anti reflection glass and can be also supplied with touch screen and with built in camera.

They can be manually folded with adjusting angle and they can stand flat on the table desk surface with an excellent viewing angle; their installation does not require making structural changes on the table and it is extremely easy. Their cast iron base provides a perfect stability.

Monitors provide a passive aluminium cooling system and are supplied with professional panels. DVI and VGA inputs are standard and DVI HDCP compatible is also available.

This is an excellent solution for telepresence, video conferencing and for auditorium and counters, where the optimization of the screen height is crucial.

ARTHUR HOLM Book monitors are available in 15, 17 and 19".

InaVation Awards finalist Dynamic 3 will be also on show.

This is the only motorized and manual system on the market that opens, rotates 180 degrees and folds. It can be used in 3 different positions; flushed on the table desk, in an open position and in its opposite, with the image orientation automatically changing.

The system is totally built in anodized aluminium and can also be supplied so the back of the screen can be veneered with different materials. It takes a minimum depth and the installation is straight forward.

It can be supplied with keyboard and mouse, touch screen, built in camera, microphone and voting system among others.

A manual and a simpler version with no rotation are also available in all the sizes.

17 and 19 wide screen professional panels are supplied and standard inputs are VGA and DVI, as with all the products HDCP compliance is available.
The company will be also demonstrating the latest version of the AH Net Software that has been upgraded in order to allow the control and diagnose of 900 monitors.

ARTHUR HOLM has released its latest version of the AH Net Software that allows users to simultaneously control up to 900 monitors without programming and making the installation very easy by only using CAT5 cable for Daisy Chain between the screens. Both ARTHUR HOLM and ALBIRAL retractable monitors have serial addressing and loop through connectivity integrated as a standard.

The AH Net Software makes the control extremely easy, as well as the installation and the administration of the monitors. It adds feedback from each device, allowing onsite or remotely located staff to get information about the status of up to 900 screens. This feature allows an optimal preparation of meetings and conferences making sure that all equipment is prepared in advance.

The AH Net control solution is operated through RS-422 or RS-485; the ERT interface (router) connects the monitors directly to a PC or can be used via a local network, a tablet or IPAD, or by any standard control system.

The open AH Net protocol makes the use and the installation of the motorised ARTHUR HOLM and ALBIRAL monitors, the most cost effective solution on the market as no additional power sources or distribution boxes are needed.

The AH Net solution can send e-mail updates on the monitor status, by using standard e-mail accounts and can also provide ARTHUR HOLM service staff to remotely access the installation.

About the company:
Arthur Holm is the result of combining Scandinavian design tradition with Spanish creativity, flexibility and emotion; a wide product range built on more than 40 years of craftsmanship based on continuous development and innovation.

ARTHUR HOLM offers a range of ingenious products whose designs are based on quality materials and the latest technology which endow meeting and conference rooms with silent, ergonomic, innovative and aesthetic solutions that integrate into the furniture, hang from the walls as works of art or are used as interactive points of information. ARTHUR HOLM products contribute in the creation of environments in which the best decisions are made and where attendants have use of the latest technology, integrated perfectly with the architectural and interior design of the surroundings.

The company's references include the Senate of Mexico, the University of Kuwait, the World Economic Forum, Porsche, Toyota and the Central Bank of Spain among many others.

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