"Fifty percent of our exhibitors this year are new to T.H.E. Show and most are new to Las Vegas shows period"

The Home Entertainment Show, known as T.H.E. Show, established in 1998 celebrates 15 years of exhibiting the finest and most innovative in the high-end audio and home theater industry.

Located for the 4th year at The Flamingo Hotel, on the Vegas Strip, doors open Tuesday at 9:30AM. Registration is in the Executive Conference Center, right down the Main Hall from Hotel Registration (hint: find the Sin City Bar - T.H.E. Show is directly across).

This is the only location in Las Vegas featuring new, exciting and established products from KEF America. KEF will show the Blade and LS50 with Parasound gear along with AudioQuest cables in the dynamic Lake Mead Ballroom. T.H.E. Show welcomes KEF!

"Fifty percent of our exhibitors this year are new to T.H.E. Show and most are new to Las Vegas shows period," says Richard Beers, President of T.H.E. Shows Las Vegas and Newport Beach. "We are pleased to welcome some of the best established companies from around the globe, most with products never seen before. Distributors, dealers and the international Press NEED to visit this show."

"Our Opening Night Reception on Tuesday at 6PM in the Red Rock Ballroom will be a great start to the week: Jim Hannon, Publisher of The Absolute Sound reminisces about high-end icons, Anne Bisson brings her exceptional piano and voice, along with Larry Mitchell, guitar virtuoso, and John Atkinson leads a tribute to Brian Cheney, VMPS who passed away last month. T.H.E. Show also pays tribute to long-time exhibitors.

T.H.E. Show Exhibitors numbering over a hundred and twenty five companies, exhibiting in over 50 active displays, combining creativity, innovation and the finest in high-end audio. " T.H.E. SHOW is", says Beers, "EXCLUSIVELY, this industry's show!"

Audionet DNP, Germany is exhibiting for the first time at T.H.E. Show or, for that matter, in the U.S. at all . Developed, engineered and built in Bochum, Germany. Audionet unveils 1) the DNA (Digital Network Amplifier), and 2), the DNP (Digital Network Preamplifier) and, 3) the DNC (Digital Network Client). The DNP is the first preamplifier which can be fully integrated into a network and controlled completely by Windows, Linux or Mac computers!

Bret D'Agostino (Dan's son) comes NEW to T.H.E. Show with his own signature Bully Sound 4-piece amplifier known as the Trident. Coupling up with some very big industry names: Bricasti Design, Vivid Audio and Transparent Audio … this is an exhibit NOT to be missed. Perhaps the most exciting entry into the high-end marketplace in recent years.

Magnepan, celebrating its 15th year with T.H.E. Show, brings two prototypes of cosmetic kits that can attach to DWM Bass Panel - a "flower" pot and a glass-topped "coffee table". Different. Appealing.

Absolare is a new company with a lot of experience, presenting Absolare Synergy. Products include: the unique Passion Single Ended Preamplifier, Absolare Bybee Purifier, Steve Dobbins Turntable, Echole Obsession's line of cables along with Rockport Altair Speakers.

The U.S. audio industry welcomes back Kharma International after a five-year absence from exhibiting at T.H.E. Show. Kharma is showcasing their Elegance collection; the use of Ceramique based-drivers after researching and perfecting this innovative technology. Don't miss this Exhibit.

Music Culture returns after a 5 year absence from T.H.E. Show: Recipient of THREE Editor Choice Awards from The Absolute Sound. From Berlin, Germany, MC music culture displays its award winning Elegance System and its Ference system - also premier of the new mc1010 Music Server. Welcome back!

Voce Audio, out of California, has assembled two tremendous listening rooms, with the back-up of Wells Audio, ByBee Labs and ByBee Technologies in Room 4036 and, presents an impressive marriage of equipment in Conference Room C along with MSB Technology, WyWires, Zesto Audio, One World Audio, Scheu Analog and Soundsmith. All new to T.H.E. Show.

Zesto Audio, returns from an award winning year, last year chosen by The Absolute Sound as a "Best of CES/T.H.E. Show" award. Zesto will be spinning a lot of vinyl to debut the new Leto Preamp and showcase their award-winning Phonostage as well. Hand-crafted in U.S.A. Also featured in the Zesto Exhibit: TAD CR-1 loudspeakers; WyWires cabling, George Merrit turntables and Tri-Planar tone arms.

SimpliFi Audio has some magnificent reviews and new innovations. Meet the head designer and engineer from Europe. Superior room correction techniques and devices. The "sweet spot" is everywhere. A must listen.

Steven Norber, after a long and successful career with Edge Electronics branches out on his own with PranaFidelity. Don't miss his debut.

In another impressive exhibit room on the Main Floor: Legacy Audio, new to T.H.E. Show. A powerful debut at T.H.E. Show Newport, follows through by debuting the new AERIS Loudspeaker. The state-of-the-art Aeris (starting at $17,500.) is a biamp ready speaker system whose striking looks are matched only by its performance capabilities.

And, teaming up with some very prominent industry names, AUDIO POWER LABS in Red Rock VIII, Wadax, Kaiser, Fono Acustica and Stillpoints. Also, Stillpoints introduces a never-been-seen LeadingEdge Acoustic Panel, also in Red Rock VIII. Alan Sircom from hi-fi+ plus says, "…the results are exceptionally impressive".

Long-time T.H.E. Show Exhibitor, Audience returns (in Room 4050), debuting two exciting speaker models that are in production right now. The first is "One" at $1,000 per pair. "One" uses the proprietary Audience full range driver to deliver uncannily accurate sound from a diminutive box size. The ClairAudient 1 + 1 (at $1,800 per pair) is a bipolar version in a stylish new gloss black and rosewood veneer cabinet. A prototype hi Rez digital player is also introduced.

PTE, or Precision Transducer Engineering, returns to T.H.E. Show with one of the best buys in high-end audio. The Phoenix powered high output and audiophile monitor and the MMMC-R Phono Preamp class B in Stereophile recommended components. An amazing $5,700, combines the frequency response of 32Hz to 20KHz + minus 2 db for an all analog implementation.

highend-electronics (Room 4031) out of California introduces many new high-end brands from Europe and Asia, including, but not limited to: Vovativ, KR-Audio, Valvet, Gregitek, ViV Labs and in Room 4032, Voxativ unveils the new Ampeggio Due Loudspeakers.

AYON Audio brings their large exhibit down the street, featuring great new designs by YG Acoustics, AVM, Accustic Arts, Germany, Lumen White, Cayin Audio, Tara Labs and Bassocontinuo.

Divergent Technologies is launching the new REFERENCE 3A models in Room 4008.

Linn Audio, fresh from their new Oakland CA factory/showroom introduces the Linn Audio Reference Granite Speaker system - a culmination of decades of research and development. A "Renaissance in Music Listening".

RATOC joins with Technical Brain from Japan: The USB DAC provides clear and rich sound by DSDF direct playing back with Technical Brain's excellent Power Amp, new TAD speakers and Yamamoto 300B tube amp in Room 4015

Harbeth features the new HARBETH M30.1 in the Fidelis/Red Wine Audio Room 4056.

ALSO: if you are looking for CD's, Vinyl, unique Vinyl cleaning systems, award-winning DAC's, headphones and headphone amps, join the many vendors of T.H.E. Marketplace in the Red Rock Ballroom(s): CEntrance, Acoustic Sounds, Amarra::Sonic Studio, Audio Desk Systeme, Elusive Disc, HiFi-Tuning, MA Recordings, Music Direct, Ultra Systems, Woo Audio with the new Audio WA7 "Fireflies" Amp/DAC, combining high performance vacuum tube headphone amplifier with a built-in USB Digital-to-Analog Converter.

AND: for fun and libations, stop by to visit T.H.E. Show resident hosts and expert Lemincello mixologists NFS Audio in Room 4001. Fun and exciting audio featuring a pair of 35-year old Infinity speakers, to the brand new Modwright Signature Truth Mods and Audiocubics "The R-Cube"…retaining their lounge-lizard ambiance and atmosphere: Cheers!

PLUS: tough to find but well worth the walk: John Whitledge's "Magic Bus", featuring Live Guitar virtuoso, Larry Mitchell. Robert Harley calls the Magic Bus, "The World's Best Car Stereo" - others have said "the Magic Bus is the most fun ever in the back of a car". Come hear for yourself. USE THE DOOR at the South End of the Red Rock Ballrooms - follow the signs!

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