Ohio State University Finishes Undefeated Season with World's First Installation of Meyer Sound LEO

The sound system filled the vast 105,000-seat Ohio Stadium with crisp voice announcements and fan-pumping music.

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team finished an incredible undefeated

regular season with a boost from its new Meyer Sound LEOT linear large-scale
sound reinforcement system. In this first permanent LEO installation in the
world, the sound system filled the vast 105,000-seat Ohio Stadium with crisp
voice announcements and fan-pumping music over the loud, energetic crowd for
all eight home games.

The core LEO system is anchored by twin hangs of 14-each LEO-M line array
loudspeakers with bass bolstered by ten 1100-LFC low-frequency control
elements. A GalileoR CallistoT loudspeaker management system with two
Callisto 616 array processors supplies drive and optimization. Mounted
inside the video screen scoreboard structure at the south end of the mammoth
oval, the potent LEO system projects sound across the bowl, reaching over
900 feet to the top seats on the north end.

"The LEO system sounds great, covers very well and gets loud," says Wayne
Stephens, electronics superintendent for Ohio State Athletics. "With an
excited crowd of over 105,000, the noise here gets pretty intense. But with
LEO we can stay well above them without pushing the system."

Debuting this summer at major music festivals in North America and Europe,
LEO is Meyer Sound's integrated system specifically designed for high-output
reinforcement in larger arenas, stadiums, and at outdoor rock festivals. LEO
systems have also supported international events including the recent Nobel
Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway.

This first installed LEO system presages a new era for full-range audio
accompaniment of sports events, according to Kelly Prince of Pro Sound &
Video, the Florida-based systems integrator handling the project.

"The sound quality is superb, the coverage is excellent, and there is plenty
of headroom," Prince says. "Also, in pre-game and time-outs, the system can
definitely push low frequencies to the far end of the stadium. I daresay
there is not another stadium sound system in the country that can touch it."

Designed by Larry Lucas of Anthony James Partners of Richmond, Va., the Ohio
Stadium upgrade also includes six Meyer Sound SB-3F sound field synthesis
loudspeakers aimed at the very far reaches to boost high frequencies, two
UPA-1P loudspeakers for under-scoreboard near fill, and two Galileo 616
processors for overall system management. The upgrade also retains-and in
some cases repurposes-components from a Meyer Sound system installed 12
years ago, including MSL-4, MSL-6, and SB-1 loudspeakers. These loudspeakers
are largely directed into the nearest third of the open bowl, while a
distributed system of UPM-1P loudspeakers are used for deep under-balcony

Ohio State's Wayne Stephens is thrilled with the results: "The LEOs have
plenty of headroom, the 1100s kick butt in the low end, and the new SB-3Fs
are throwing tons of SPL at almost a thousand feet. It's even better than

Headquartered in Miami with offices in Orlando, Pensacola, and Los Angeles,
Pro Sound & Video is a leading integrator of large and complex AV systems in
performing arts centres, stadiums, and arenas. Other recent installations of
note include Amway Center in Orlando, New World Center's SoundScape in Miami
Beach, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts (formerly Carnival
Center for the Performing Arts) in Miami, and sports facilities at the
University of Florida and Mississippi State University.

Family owned and operated since 1979, Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. designs
and manufactures high-quality, self-powered sound reinforcement
loudspeakers, digital audio systems, active acoustic systems, cinema sound
systems, and sound measurement tools for the professional audio industry.
Founded by John and Helen Meyer, the company has grown to become a leading
worldwide supplier of systems for theatres, arenas, stadiums, theme parks,
convention centers, houses of worship, and touring concert sound rental
operations. Meyer Sound's main office and manufacturing facility are located
in Berkeley, California, with field offices and authorized distributors
located throughout the USA and around the world.

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