MiOS Announces Home and Small Business Automation Distribution Now In 70 Countries

MiOS: A Small Player in the Home Automation Industry is a big winner. Company growth rate has doubled annually over the past five years. MiOS has experienced a 200% growth rate annually since its founding in 2008.

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MiOS Announces Home And Small Business Automation Distribution Now In 70 Countries: Company Growth Rate Has Doubled Annually Over The Past Five Years

(November 27, 2012- Oakland, CA.) MiOS, a global software and hardware company focused on establishing a technology bridge to mass adoption in the home and small enterprise industries, has announced that it has secured distribution in 70 countries and experienced a 200% growth rate annually since its founding in 2008.

"We are pleased with the global growth of the MiOS platform for our OEM customer base which now numbers more than 20 companies utilizing our technologically agnostic platform. Our MiOS platform delivers a seamless state-of-the-industry solution that is flexible, secure, reliable and easy to install and operate," said Lew Brown, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Sales and Marketing. "With MiOS, our OEM partners are able to create great solutions that are quickly and easily customized exactly the way our partners want. We want our partners to feel that the MiOS platform is their platform, with their own branding and their own look and feel."

In addition to MiOS's OEM growth, a number of high profile developers have signed on and created more than 100 plug-in apps for MiOS in the last year including Wunderground Weather, Combination Switch, and Wake Up Ramp.

In its fourth generation, MiOS provides a global bridge over IP, an open API with a lightweight footprint and a modular user interface which can be imbedded into consumer devices such as televisions, smartphones, game devices, Blu-Ray players and tablets.

"By utilizing our MiOS platform in an energy solution offered by several of our OEM partners, consumers are experiencing energy savings of at least 15% on their energy bills," Brown noted.

MiOS is focusing its resources on becoming the "Google Android" of operating systems in the home and business automation industry. MiOS is providing an open and inclusive platform for hundreds of developers as they provide MiOS users with complete control over all electric devices including video and audio systems, door and alarm systems, video cameras, air and heating controls, lighting, pool and Jacuzzi and more, controllable from anywhere in the world via their laptop, smartphone or tablet devices.

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About MiOS

MiOS is a technologically agnostic platform that easily integrates with all control protocols for customized solutions which can be managed remotely for either home or business control solutions from anywhere in the world. Focused on providing its OEM customer base with industry-leading solutions including increased security, enhanced energy savings and greater peace of mind for families, seniors and small business owners, MiOS has partnered with leading automation product companies, utilities, telecommunications firms, home security providers and mobile carriers. According to ABI Research, the home automation market is expected to double by 2014 to at least two million installations in the United States. Revenue from shipments of Home Automation systems is expected to exceed $11.8 billion in 2015.
Visit: www.mios.com

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