Control Concepts and SurgeX Partner to Deliver Intuitive Control

Integrators now have the ability to monitor and manage a system's power distribution through popular automation systems, enabling complete control of a system.

Zebulon, NC - November 27, 2012 - SurgeX, the leader in surge elimination and energy intelligence, announces the availability of Crestron and AMX control system interface modules designed by Control Concepts, a company with over 15 years of control programming for AV consultants, integrators, end users, and manufacturers. Smart energy management is playing an emergent role in homes and businesses, and the new automation modules will provide intelligent options for power management, measurement and reporting. The partnership makes it easier for integrators and end users to manage their power through an automation system.

With the introduction of the Axess Elite and Axess, SurgeX gives integrators and end users a smarter and more efficient way to manage and monitor power. Anytime access to power draw, temperature, over/under voltage and power sequencing provides valuable information about system health and performance, and with the Control Concepts modules, SurgeX dealers can now control Axess and Axess Elite products and manage power seamlessly via AMX and Crestron automation systems, leveraging the familiar, user-friendly interfaces.

Three major points of functionality were sought with the new modules. First, they had to measure energy usage and collect important data about system health. Second, they had to report usage data and overall system performance with the same intuitive interface AMX and Crestron users and dealers were already accustomed too. Lastly, the modules had to allow remote management of IP-enabled SurgeX Axess products so integrators could make sensible adjustments for system troubleshooting and efficiency at any time through the control systems.

"Our smart energy management solutions present an opportunity for integrators who want to deliver greater value and protection to customers, but we knew we needed to go one step further and give our customers complete power control through their automation systems," said Shannon Townley, president, SurgeX and Energy Intelligence Solution Sales. "Control Concepts took the time to understand our needs and was able to design modules that offer a familiar user interface for monitoring and data reporting with the potential to reduce energy usage through smart scheduling and better system health."

Control Concepts worked with SurgeX for over a year developing the automation modules. The multi-stage process involved: consultation on features and functionality, development and maintenance of modules, testing and validation, and includes support for future deployments. Module manuals and demo programs with interface design screens were also provided by Control Concepts for more effective dealer training.

"We don't just take the challenge or the task at face value; we look to contribute to product success; to make products as robust and valuable as possible. This includes adding value for the manufacturer, the installer who resells the product, and the customer who buys it," said Steve Greenblatt, president of Control Concepts. "The work that we did with SurgeX is a testament to the manufacturer for having the vision to approach the product comprehensively in order to maximize product capabilities, anticipate needs, and promote ease of integration."

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About SurgeX SurgeX is the leading energy intelligence company and proud manufacturer of AC power conditioning and surge elimination product. Offering a complete line of AC power solutions for protection, power conditioning, and control of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, Surge's patented Advanced Series Mode® protection technology is the only product line in the market that absorbs and eliminates surges without the use of sacrificial components, ground or common mode contamination. SurgeX technology is A-1-1 Certified, is completely non-sacrificial, and protects AV equipment from AC surges and electrical transients that can disrupt sound quality and digital performance.

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